by Sabri Lushi

Definitely, the best way to give a convincing answer to this question is by giving a hypothetical example of a crime, and look into all the legal mechanisms in place to see if they guarantee enough legal accountability and what the theoretical flaws are.

First, a typical secular government, which is a model invented by the British Empire, is based on lack of transparency and functions on a strictly hierarchical power and centralized chain of command. Employees of the government are cogs in the wheel. Everyone must mind their business and should not ask questions that concern the machine as a whole, i.e., the government.

In addition, a modern legal system is designed to work secretly and behind the doors for the most part. It is not a transparent judicial system. The validity of judicial trials is not witnessed by the public, except for some rare cases which are theatrical and are used to improve simply the image. The punishment, too, is not witnessed by people. There is no way for the public to know if a person sentenced to life imprisonment is actually in prison.

It is perfectly legal for a modern secular government, which is invented by the British Empire, to have people work undercover, who appear as criminals but they are undercover officers, or people who are criminals and thugs but they’ve been hired by the government to work undercover for a greater good. It is officially acceptable for a modern government to conduct a large portion of its activity secretly and undercover.

Let’s suppose that the government decides to commit a crime, probably for a greater good. Let’s suppose that an undercover unit undertakes a mass shooting or something like that. As crazy as it might seem, practically it could happen. This is within the realm of possibility.

An undercover officer, who seems as a thug or insane, acting undercover, appears in front of a group of people and shoots them. The operation is supported by other undercover people and police officers, always for a greater good.

The culprit gets arrested. The media – which is strictly controlled by the system, will report the crime either as the deed of a lone wolf or as an Islamic terrorist attack or as a domestic white supremacist terrorist attack. Practically, there is no independent reporting of this crime.

The ‘terrorist’ will be sentenced either to life imprisonment or, in some countries, 20 to 25 years.

Why wouldn’t this case happen? What will stop the government commit such a crime as long as the criminal does not face a public death penalty?

What are the legal and political mechanisms which would guarantee us that our secular governments do not commit such crimes, which they think are done for a greater good?

Unfortunately, the whole legal and political system is designed to allow such crazy activity take place. That’s why we – the public – need to raise our voices for no more undercover governmental activity.

Sabri Lushi

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