by Sabri Lushi

Independence is one of those magical words, whose meaning fascinates and allures us. It sounds good and tempting. I remember vividly when Kosovo was declared independent. I was watching first hand the reaction of some of my friends from Kosovo, who, on the other hand, were watching live the declaration of the independence on February 17, 2008.

Somehow, they wanted to believe that what had taken place in 1999 during the war was not meaningless. They wanted to believe that the victims, the dislocation, the political executions, and the financial losses were not in vain. They wanted to console themselves.

However, if we think carefully about what independence means, we will notice that it is no more than an empty word. In reality, independence does not mean that people have more money, a better economy, more financial freedom, less taxes, a better educational system, less corruption, more safety, more political freedom, more jobs, more scientific research freedom, more intellectual freedom, more religious freedom, a better international prestige, better laws regarding the natural resources, more freedom regarding the right to land and property.

Independence means merely a new flag – a piece of rag, a new drawing on the map, which is yet undefined for Kosovo, and a new national holiday. In terms of financial freedom, money, the right to land and property, jobs and scientific research, the right to publish freely and practice the religion freely, these fall within the domain of the British Monarchy. The word “independence” is a modern substitute for “indulgence” which used to be sold by the Catholic Church in exchange for the Paradise, except that this new indulgence is sold by the British Monarchy in exchange for better dreams because they do not believe in Paradise anyway.

In truth, the Kosovo Independence is nothing more than a cover up of the crimes against Muslims during the war of 1999. That war was a deception. In 1999, the Kosovar people were deceived by the USA and the UK. People were forced to participate in a war that was non transparent and deceptive. Both the USA and Milosevic had one objective: to kill Muslims.

In a time when countries are a political unit under the British Monarchy, when communism and nationalism are political tools of the British Empire, when leaders are appointed puppets and agents of the British Monarchy, including Slobodan Milosevic and Kosovar leaders, independent wars have one purpose: an easy way to get rid of the people who could pose, even unwillingly, a resistance to the British control of the world.

We need to know what happened in 1999 in Kosovo.
How many Kosovar were killed and who killed them?
Why didn’t KLA fight?
Did NATO cause more damage to Kosovar people than to Slobodan Milosevic?
Did the US Government send a special unit to execute Muslim Kosovars? Was it merely a war of the British Monarchy and the USA against Muslims?

Sabri Lushi

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