by Sabri Lushi

First of all, when we speak of Kosovo and Serbia, we are not referring to a historical notion, but to two political entities that have been invented and formed by the British Empire and the US Government, as part of their strategy of ruling the world and keeping people under conflicts.

From its very beginning, Serbia has been invented politically and supported as a political entity by the British Empire as part of the European war against the Ottoman Empire. The small principality of Serbia has been ruled by relatives of the British Monarchy until it became part of the Republic of Yugoslavia, which again, was part of the British Empire. Republics by their very nature are political structures of the British Empire.

Indeed, the whole political narrative will be much compatible with the strategy of the British Empire to rule the world by associating Serbia with Russia. This way, the Evil Empire takes no responsibility for the crimes committed against Muslims as well as both Muslims and Orthodox can be played against each other much easier.

In reality, when the Principality of Serbia was split from the Ottoman Empire, Russia was not only a small empire – not a threat at all for the Ottomans, but it was on the verge of political and economic collapse. The Tsar couldn’t support himself. In 1918, the British Empire took over the Russian Empire by putting in power communists – the most loyal people to the British Secularism.

On the other hand, Kosovo is under the full control of the US Government. It is not an independent country. The Prime Minister of Kosovo is appointed by the US Government, who always has to be a CIA spy. The President of Kosovo is appointed by the US Government. The policies and agendas of the country are to be approved by the US Government. What kind of independent country are we talking about?

In the end, both Kosovo and Serbia have been formed by the British Empire and the US Government and both are directly controlled by the them. Making them appear that somewhat one is controlled by the West and the other by Russia is nothing new. This is the lie that the British Empire spouts everywhere. It is a disgusting strategy of the Evil Empire to keep nations under the occupation and control. The Russian Empire has fallen in 1918 and its emperor has been executed by the British Empire. The USSR (Russia today) and the US Republic demonstrate the British power. They both are communist projects of the British Empire.

In short, the US Government should stop playing political games in Kosovo and creating conflicts out of thin air. This is disgusting. Also, both the stupid Kosovar and Serbian leaders are looking more stupid than we all thought. Both sides are controlled by the CIA and the corrupt US Government, which is using this noise as a distraction. This evil strategy of the British Empire is its main strategy of ruling the world, that’s why it is called the Evil Empire.

Sabri Lushi

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