by Sabri Lushi

I was listening for a few minutes on a Twitter group of Kosovars about nationalism and religion. There was this Kosovar nationalist, who ironically lives in Germany, who was criticizing the idea that some Muslims in Kosovo refuse to let their children go to secular schools out of fear that they might become heretics. This nationalist was screaming, “how come we have such Muslims in Kosovo?”, implying that they are the enemies of the country.

Part of the group was an imam, who was trying to say that this might be an isolated case, “for sure he does not represent the majority,” was trying to justify somehow the case.

I wanted to become part of that discussion and tell that nationalist who is ready to kill Kosovar people based on nationalism, “Yes, absolutely, I am of those Muslims who is afraid to send children to secular schools that have been founded by the British Empire because such schools teach children lies, propaganda, mythological history, fairy tails, not true science; such schools waste children’s money and time; such British nationalist schools are designed to brainwash children. I’ve personally spent more than twenty years of my life chasing degrees that didn’t help me find a job. My country and my government didn’t care about my school and degrees when I graduated. So, why should I let my children waste their time listening to the rubbish of the British Empire?”

This Kosovar nationalist is lucky that no one has punched him in the face. How dare this American agent accuse other Kosovar people that they are not nationalist enough because they don’t prefer to send children to the brainwashing schools of the British Empire? I am sure that the likes of this American spy, who lives in Germany ironically, have been among those who have cooperated with Milosevic against Muslims in Kosovo. I am sure that spies like him have killed Kosovar people during the war more than the soldiers of Slobodan Milosevic have. I am sure that such sick nationalists are ready to kill Muslims in Kosovo for nationalism even today.

Mr. Nationalist, didn’t Kosovar people fight for freedom? Didn’t they fight so they can live freely in their land and can educate their children the way they want and raise them freely?

No! According to this nationalist, who I am sure has killed Muslims in Kosovo, the war was not about freedom. The war of Slobodan Milosevic was only about to kill Muslims. This is clear.

In fact, I want to thank this nationalist, who lives in Germany, for revealing the true objective of the war in Kosovo, which was only to rape the Kosovar women and to kill Muslims. We already know this. We know very well why America started that war. That war was not about independence and freedom. The true purpose of that war was simply to kill Muslims, who feel today more oppressed than during the regime of Slobodan Milosevic.

Sabri Lushi

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