by Sabri Lushi

Although a country that has gone through systematic political oppression over the last century, Albania is a land of blessings, at least for the Albanian people.

It would be enough to mention the water resources only to categorize it a blessed land. Albania has a lot of water relative to the population. It has many rivers and streams. There are natural springs everywhere. We are surrounded by water, and water means life.

Albania has enough water for food growth and agriculture in general. By definition, a country is naturally livable and sustainable if it can produce sufficient food. There is no doubt that agriculture is the key to the independence of a country, and it is by far the most important sector of the economy. The importance of agriculture cannot be measured by how much it contributes to the GDP, but by its direct role in the food supply. In the end, we do not put on table but agriculture products, such as bread, cheese, meat, milk, butter, and everything else we eat and drink. On top of everything, we drink water. As obvious as it might seem, it is important to emphasize that Albania is blessed with water and a great potential for agriculture.

In addition, water can be used to produce hydropower, much needed for the modern economy. Again, Albania is blessed with many rivers good for producing hydropower much more than our domestic need, regardless of not being admitted officially by the Government. Currently, there are a dozen of big hydropower plants in Albania, especially the four ones on the Drin River cascade, and hundreds of small HPPs which contribute a lot to the national grid.

In Albania, we have everything: water, arable land, the potential for agriculture to produce enough food for the population, rivers suitable for massive production of hydropower, forests, a large variation of fruit trees, a fantastic weather – typical Mediterranean, a long costal line, beautiful mountains, and a very strategic geographical position. God has bestowed upon us all these blessings, especially water.

In spite of these blessings from God, we miss one major thing: a good government. Over the last hundred years, our country has suffered from bad governments, which have had one objective: to fight against our people. While Ahmed Zogu and Enver Hoxha were focused on killing Albanians, forcing them to abandon their religion and the persecution of the entire population, the governments that came after 1990 have been focused on two major objectives: dislocation of population and the wrecking of the agriculture and the economy. Our governments have systematically forced people to abandon their country and waste their lives in the West as foreigners. Dislocation itself is enough to disturb the lives of people. Probably, the immigration of the Albanian population per capita could be the highest in the world. It is something done by design.

In short, Albanians have a country of blessings and water.

Sabri Lushi

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