by Sabri Lushi

One of the main objectives of the western barbaric and abusive laws, including family law, is to restrict people as much as possible, especially financially. As an extremist and devilish ideology, the British Secularism is only interested in restriction, oppression, and limitation of freedoms: social and financial freedoms. The most dangerous part is that everything is done in the name of safety, security, peace, the best interest of this or the best interest of that.

Don’t believe the western corrupt governments when they say: freedom and liberty. They are liars. They say so to cover up exactly the opposite. In this regard, the US Government is one of the most oppressive political entities in the world: the country of arbitrariness and corrupt judges.

Notice: most of the problems that the courts of law cite to justify their political, immoral and unjust verdicts are myths and lies – blatant lies.

It is very easy to reach this conclusion. Go to your local court and apply to let you have access to court documents to verify most of their claims, and you’ll see that they will dismiss your request. I’ve tried myself. Western courts are corrupt, so they cannot tolerate transparency. They are absolutely immoral and corrupt.

The solution: we need to call everything by their true names: the British Secularism is a devilish ideology and oppressive political system; the US Government is the enemy of free speech and freedom; the western laws are barbaric, abusive, oppressive and immoral; the western judges are corrupt, immoral, professional agents of the governments who are trained to oppress people; the government is behind most of the problems in the society; courts of law lack transparency and they incite fake facts in order to justify their verdicts.

In short, know thy enemy: the government, judges and courts of law, as well as the British Secularism as the most oppressive ideology.

Avoid any interaction with the Government. Avoid any interaction with judges and courts of law: the most immoral and oppressive people in a secular country. The British secular system is designed to destroy the society, so try as much as possible to escape the system: the enemies of family, the enemies of financial freedom, the enemy of everything good and positive. The Government – which is merely a British Monarchy’s representative, is the biggest hindrance to peace and prosperity.

Sabri Lushi

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