by Sabri Lushi

The modern state, which is a political achievement of the British Empire, is based on some fundamental principles and objectives. One of such objectives of the nation-state was to put an end to the traditional and natural social structure of society and turn all people into citizens – vulnerable individuals. While the tribal system has been abolished altogether, family has been stripped off many of its traditional roles and its importance has been restricted significantly. People are all citizens, but vulnerable: without family and tribal protection.

On the other hand, the traditional state was much weaker than the secular one. Traditionally, people used to be organized in families and tribes, whose role was in some aspects similar to the role of a modern secular state, such as protection, financial support, cooperation, and even including legal protection. Family members would protect one another from adversaries, criminals, thieves, as well as they would protect one another from the government itself.

Once the institution of tribe was abolished by the British Empire and family’s role was restricted substantially, the modern government increased its power tremendously compared to the traditional state. The modern secular government has the monopoly on: legislative power, judicial power, executive power, the economy, the educational system, the media, the scientific institutions, the military, the police service, businesses, employment, property and construction permits, and many other aspects. Tribe and family have no role in this regard. People are just citizens.

In the modern time, the government is extremely powerful and enjoys unlimited power while citizens are individuals and very vulnerable. Definitely, there are pros and cons. Being vulnerable and merely individuals, the people are not a threat to one another. The control of the government is so powerful that no individual can cause harm to the society without the help of the government itself. In fact, most of the crimes, corruption and problems are caused by thugs of the government even though little is admitted officially.

So, in the modern state, the people or the masses are not a threat. They are very vulnerable and unorganized individuals under a super powerful state. The biggest threat for the masses – individuals who are stripped off tribal and family protection, is the government itself, the military, the police service, and particularly judges. We don’t have tribes and families to protect us from the injustice of the government. In the best case scenario, family members will take the side of the government.

Therefore, for us – the masses, there is only one weapon which we can use to protect ourselves from the government, that is, free speech. We cannot build families to protect us; that’s illegal, but we can use free speech to protect ourselves from corrupt judges and the injustice and oppression of the government.

Sabri Lushi

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