by Sabri Lushi

This is a common and legitimate saying that we hear in the West.
“If you don’t like our country, such as Canada; if you think that this country is corrupt, the system of justice is controlled by politics; if you think that the tribe of the political elite exercises political persecution and oppression; if you think that the government exercises Stalinist techniques of divide and conquer, albeit in a very discreet way; if you think that immigrants are brought to this country to render them “waste” in the long run – to ruin their families and future prospects and dreams and chances to succeed, regardless of promoting some immigrants to certain positions – and this is a tiny minority; in short, if you think that your chances to succeed and live a normal life in our country, i.e., Canada, or even to survive, are threatened by the government and the tribe of the political elite, go back to you country”, would people say rightfully, and they actually say this. In fact, they use the adjective “your f*cked-up country”.

My response is very simple. I completely agree that we should live in our own countries, our own lands and according to our own traditions and laws. Fair and square!

However, we live in globalism, where the American Empire has spread its power in every country and region in the world, where the political advice of the American Government constitutes a supreme law for the rest of the world, where we have no choice but to follow it. If not, there are plenty of examples of what’s going to happen.

I would go back to my country, but what is the definition of “my country”? There is no such thing “my country” anymore in the modern time . What we call “country” or “territorial state” is merely an administrative unit for governing purposes, not independent in the sense that people can live according to their free will. The “will” belongs to the American Empire only, similar to the Ancient Roman Empire. And frankly speaking, there’s nothing wrong here. This is how things work in this world, except that this is the truth, and I’m not debating here about the performance of the American Empire compared to the other empires of the past. There are pros and cons.

So, yes, I would go back to my country named on the map as “Albania”, which is geographically located at 39°- 42° northern latitude and at 19° – 21° eastern longitude. But in that country, we are ruled by a government that officially and formally is approved and needs to be approved by the American Empire, represented in Albania by its embassy. Our laws are copy-pasted from the West, again, approved by the American Empire. The judicial system has to be reformed and approved by the American Empire.

With regard to the natural resources and economy, everything belongs to the American Empire. To think that countries can be developed independently is an illusion.

So, there’s no such as thing “my country”. The Canadian Government knows very well what I mean.

Sabri Lushi

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