by Sabri Lushi

It is not hard to notice that the essence of the British Empire’s political system is deception. The entire political system is about avoiding political responsibility, lying, deceiving people, and creating the illusion of choice. If people get tired of a prime minister, they will be given the ‘choice’ to get another one, but in reality nothing changes. The political agendas, the economic plans, the administration, the businesses, and the ruling elite will remain the same. The prime ministers of the British Empire are simply a new version of the grand viziers of the Ottoman Empire except that they are mere puppets, who take responsibility for nothing. At least, during the Ottoman Empire grand viziers used to pay a hefty price in case of corruption.

This model of political parties, which is a dystopic political system, has been applied all over the world, and on top of that, the global political arena is a replication of the political party model.

While the British Monarchy remains the same, powerful and holding a total control of politics, the world has been divided into political parties. On the West, we have America, the UK, the EU, and many other small countries that cheer them on. On the other hand, there is Russia, China, India, probably Turkey and their fans.

There are two political parties. It is Putin and Biden. They blame each other for all the political problems, exactly as party leaders do. Their very job is not to discuss about ideas, to compete with each other, to give a better alternative to the world. No! In terms of international politics, the job of Biden and Putin is to keep the people of the world busy and distracted from the real politics, which takes place behind the scenes.

The administrative units of the British Empire, otherwise known as countries, should either be on the side of America or Russia. If one is sick and tired of the American lies, then they must choose Putin. God forbid, no third alternative should exist, especially when it comes to Muslims.

With all due respect, the Russian President is no more than a British puppet, appointed by the British Monarchy to lead the opposition. In the international arena, Putin is the leader of the opposition. He speaks and acts exactly as the leader of the opposition. That’s why he cannot be trusted as a global alternative. He is the best friend of the West.

Muslims should not be fooled by the games of the British Monarchy. For us, Putin, Biden, Modi, Sunak, Macron, Trump, Scholz and their likes are one. They belong to the same group. After all, the USSR and the USA were founded by the British Monarchy and both are communist republics. They are one and the same.

Putin is very useful for the British Monarchy because he is the appointed leader of the opposition.

Sabri Lushi

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