by Sabri Lushi

Every single Muslim, especially children who are born in Muslim families, are very familiar with the story of the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him). He was the one who took his wife and young son Ishmael to Mecca – a desert where no one lived, as ordered by God, Who gave them as a gift the Zamzam well. Later when Ishmael became a young man, he and his father erected the walls of the Holy Mosque of Mecca.

In his honor, the religion of Islam, which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is called the religion of Abraham. The whole pilgrimage of Hajj is instituted by Abraham. There is a stone next to Kaaba called “Maqam of Ibrahim” – the station of Ibrahim. The sacrifice that Muslims offer on the day of Eid al-Adha is a ritual instituted by Abraham. So, Macca, Kaaba, Hajj, sacrifice, the Maqam, and Islam itself are related to Abraham, either in his honor or as rituals instituted by him. Thus, Mecca is the House of Abraham.

The Quran goes even further to clarify that Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian. Moses and Jesus were his descendants, but Judaism and Christianity of today has nothing to do with what Abraham himself preached – the true monotheism. “Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was one inclining toward truth, a Muslim [submitting to Allāh]. And he was not of the polytheists.” [3:67]

On the other hand, a few years ago, Pope Francis and his Muslim counterparts announced the project to build a complex of worship, consisting of three identical buildings next to each other, one for each religion, respectively Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

This house of heretics invokes the name of Abraham, perhaps to make it more legitimate to the followers of these three religions. The problem is that whatever this house of heretics tries to address, but in the wrong way, it is found in the religion of Islam. The House of Abraham is Mecca itself. The religion of Abraham is Islam, which also preaches the healthy version of tolerance.

Frankly speaking, I am not sure why these immoral British agents came up with this idea to build an interfaith temple in Abu Dhabi. For sure, Muslims do not approve this house of heretics. Those who have built it and are ready to support this Secular idea, they are British agents and CIA spies, including Pope himself. The Prophet Abraham has nothing to do with his immoral house of spies and agents.

Another reason why they came up with this project could have to do with economic crisis, because they are running out of oil reserves so they want to make a big distractions, or God knows why. Nevertheless, there could be multiple reasons why the British and American Secularists and their Arab spies decided to build this house of heretics: distraction, oil crisis, or as part of their open war against Islam.

In the end, the true House of Abraham in Mecca will remain victorious while this house of heretics will not last long.

Sabri Lushi

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