by Sabri Lushi

As we all know, Albania does not have oil reserves, nor is it famous for industry and technology. Albania does not have Samsung, Apple, Microsoft or Mercedes-Benz. However, this small country of Europe is famous for one thing only: rivers. Albania has many rivers, and rivers means lot of energy; again, lots of energy.

Albania is famous for hydropower plants. Our country is home to the gigantic HPPs such Fierza, Vau i Dejes and Komani Hydropower Stations. In my view, the amount of the energy that Albania produces is far greater than the domestic needs. It is not difficult to reach this conclusion.

The sad news is that our hydropower is exported to other countries while the Albanian population does not benefit from it. What is the point of country independence when our energy is stolen by others?

As an Albanian citizen, I support the idea of forming a public committee in order to investigate the exportation of the Albanian hydropower to other countries. Albanians deserve to know how much energy is produced and what is the revenue from the exportation of the energy. In addition, Albanians deserve to know where the money from the energy revenues is spent.

I declare publicly that I am ready to be part of any public committee formed by Albanian citizens in order to investigate the theft of the Albanian hydropower.

With all that energy, where is the money? Where are the revenues? Where is it spent? How come that we supply with energy others while the Albanian population is encouraged by the Government to abandon the country? How come that we have more energy per capita than the American people, yet we are much poorer? Do the American or the British people deserve a better life?

Albanians deserve to know who is stealing our energy? Is it the American Government? The UK Government? Who? We don’t deserve this poverty when God has blessed us with so much water and so much energy. Our country is blessed.

Albanians should raise their voices and I am ready to be part of any committee in order to know the truth about our energy. We cannot tolerate the American or European governments steal our energy while our people suffer from unemployment.

Albania could be one of the richest countries in the world in energy, yet it is poor. Our government is not corrupt, but controlled by the American and British corrupt Governments.

With allies such as the US Government and the UK Government, who needs thieves for our energy?!

Sabri Lushi

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