by Sabri Lushi

Due to his patriotic and pro religious role, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan seems to have a lot of support as well as there are many Muslims around the world who seem to appreciate his political ambition to build a better Pakistan.

There is no doubt that Pakistan – as a Muslim country, is in our hearts and we all wish the best for our Pakistani Muslim brothers and sisters, among whom there are great scholars and religious activists who contribute a great deal to the entire Ummah.

However, the political system, which has been established by the British Empire, cannot be changed or reformed by using the political tools and mechanisms that the Evil Empire has made available for us. For example, political parties are British invented political tools which have been founded around the world to serve the empire, not people. For this reason, there are laws and legal mechanisms which restrict the political activity of a political party should it try to attempt independence and real political reform.

In this regard, the political struggle of Imran Khan, in my view, will not lead to any political product or change. The power cannot be changed by votes and by respecting the British corrupt laws.

As a Muslim, Imran Khan does not need to borrow models from the British Empire in order to reform Pakistan. The religion of Islam provides us with all the necessary models and knowledge with regard to politics and social reforms. Political parties are not something which Islam recommends, nor the corrupt and theatrical system of voting.

There are things far better and much more beneficial for Pakistan and for the Muslim Ummah that Imran Khan can do.

Imran Khan can start an independent media – TV, online and hardcopy newspaper, YouTube channel, publishing papers and books, where he can expose the British corruption and the British control of Pakistan. The Pakistani people need to be educated about the critical political situation. Pakistani people need genuine ideas of development, not British lies and propaganda.

Imran Khan should use his fame and charisma, as well as his political experience in the service of intellectualism and he should start a new political era in Pakistan and around the Ummah.

We cannot change our horrible condition and we cannot get rid of the British occupation, British control – which controls our economy, finances, politics, education and the military, by voting and political parties, but by independent intellectual activism.

I would absolutely appreciate Imran Khan’s work if he starts a completely independent media which deals with topics related to our Ummah as well as explaining to people the British occupation.

Imran Khan knows all too well that Pakistan and other Muslim countries are under the British occupation. He knows very well that there is no Muslim independent country. So, let him start a media where he can allow independent people spread uncensored ideas.

Sabri Lushi

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