by Sabri Lushi

The answer to this question might not be very easy for a couple of reasons. First, all the mass media and political propaganda is controlled by Secularists, so it’s hard to watch or listen to uncontrolled and uncensored narratives or views of the oppressed. Second, the British Secularism has penetrated covertly, so it does not claim authorship of many extremists and terrorists of the 20th century. Third, it also appears in different forms, such as democracy, liberalism, communism, nationalism, Nazism, etc., so it’s hard for the average person to find a direct connection between the British Secularism and many forms of extremism that exist in the world.

In my view, there is no doubt that the British Secularism is one of the most extremist ideologies ever existed. One doesn’t need to do an extensive research in order to reach this conclusion. It is sufficient to look at what’s going on around the world today.

First, let’s agree that the British Secularism holds the political power of the world. It is, in other words, the official ideology that is dominating the entire world. Therefore, what we see is the result of none other than the British Secularism, be it politically, financially, militarily, socially and psychologically.

We see a world of injustice and discrimination. While the world is ruled by one government, decisions are made by one body – not by countries independently, the exploitation of natural resources is controlled by one central government, yet we see a huge contrast. Some people are starving while others eat excessively and waste food, some have giant houses and mansions while others don’t have a shelter, and what makes the whole situation sadder and more painful is that this is mainly the result of a political decision.

It is the same British Secularism that has decided to leave Yemen or other Muslim countries starve to death, and, on the other hand, the same Secularist media tell their people, “you’d better appreciate the abundance because there are others starving,” as if this is one of the reasons why the Secularist politics decides to kill people.

Even from a social perspective, we notice that the British Secularism is notoriously obsessed with the control of people. It tries to control the way they think, to the extent that it is trying to interfere even in the most natural aspects of human beings, such as gender and sex. The British Secularism does not tolerate. It needs control. It needs access to every single individual. It seeks to control everyone. It spreads division and conflicts. It spreads confusion and chaos, so it can rule easily.

To conclude, I think it is very obvious that the British Secularism is an extremist ideology. Its obsession with the control of every single individual, with the brainwashing of children, and the spread of espionage, immorality, lies, propaganda, and conflicts categorizes it as a very a dangerous ideology.

Sabri Lushi

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