by Sabri Lushi

Given the fact that Muhammad Ali Pasha – the general who ruled Egypt and saved it from the European barbarians, defeated the British Army at the beginning of the 19th century, by taking hostage hundreds of British soldiers. Not only did Muhammad Ali Pasha discipline the British pagans, but he also made proud every Muslim and every Albanian.

I am inclined to believe that the humiliation which Muhammad Ali Pasha inflicted upon the British pagans is the reason why the British Empire launched a horrible war against the Albanian people at the beginning of the 20th century. As a result, thousands of Albanians were murdered by British soldiers during the Zogu and Hoxha regimes. To this very day, the hatred of the Evil Empire and the British Monarchy against the Albanian people in general and the Albanian Muslims specifically is obvious and undeniable. Part of this British hatred against the Ottoman Albanians was also the war in Kosovo in 1999, which was sponsored by the UK and the US Governments, where thousands of people were killed based on lists and thousands of women were raped.

Make no mistake, the war in Kosovo was part of a greater war of the British pagans against Muslims.

For this reason, I strongly support the idea that Muhammad Ali Pasha – the warrior who disciplined the British pagans, should be declared as national hero in all Albanian lands, such as in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and the North Macedonia.

The name of Muhammad Ali Pasha should also be honored in Turkiye instead of honoring the British spy Mustafa Kamal – the enemy of Muslims and the Turkish people.

Muhammad Ali Pasha – the tamer of the barbarians, should be the Albanian hero, not the British lies, such as George Castriota – God knows who he was and if he has existed at all. The British Evil Empire is infamously known for inventing national heroes in its occupied lands.

George Castriota has nothing to do with the Albanian people. If he has existed, let the British pagans take him for themselves. Our national hero is Muhammad Ali, the man who taught those godless barbarians a great lesson.

Sabri Lushi

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