by Sabri Lushi

As we all know, nationalism is a modern political concept invented by the British Empire, which typically has started with the formation of US Clown Republic by the British Monarchy. Nationalism and nation-state are related to the British Empire.

Generally speaking, the British Empire has used the mechanism of nation state for two reasons; first, to administer its territories in a way that does not make the British Monarchy directly responsible for the state affairs, and second, as a political strategy of encroaching upon the territories of the Ottoman Empire. So, instead of appearing as a classical occupier, it has technically supported nations within the Ottoman Empire to become ‘independent,’ such as in the Balkans and in the Middle East, but that was a classical occupation, no less.

Once the British Empire reached its peak in the 20th century and eventually ruled the entire world, it went fully undercover – without losing its actual power, and divided the global territory into nation states. At the same time, the British Empire formed the League of Nations in 1920 – exactly when the Ottoman Empire had de facto fallen, which then was replaced by the UN, whose role was to control, recognize and manage the nation states under the British Rule.

In short, the UN is no more than a modern face of the British Empire, and nation state is merely an administrative unit within the Evil Empire. So, nation state and nationalism are technically political, administrative and legal terms. They’re not supposed to be ideological or religious concepts.

An Albanian citizen, for example, has to obey the Albanian law and is subject of the Albanian legal system. At the same time, an Albanian citizen has to pay taxes as well as he or she can be qualified to benefit financially from the Government. Citizenship can be obtained by birth or naturalization.

Sadly, nationalism is being used by British-installed governments in the former territories of the Ottoman Empire and Muslim lands as a strategy to fight Islam and Muslims, by accusing them as enemies, as ‘others,’ as less patriotic etc.

I have a message to the British agents – the servants of our enemy who stole our land, in Albania and elsewhere:

Citizenship is a legal administrative concept. It does not give any favor to people. As an Albanian citizen, I don’t have special rights; I don’t get treated better by Albanian courts of law and by the governmental offices. I don’t get special political and economic rights.

As an Albanian – as imposed by the British Empire, I feel ashamed, but as a Muslim I feel proud with all the pride possible. So, yes, I am a Muslim before I am an Albanian. I take my religion much more seriously than the barbaric laws imposed by the British Empire.

How dare you shameful British agents accuse Muslims of being less patriotic? Who gave you that right, you filthy spies of the British barbarians?!

Sabri Lushi

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