by Sabri Lushi

Given the difficult situation that Muslims are experiencing around the world, including my country, that is, Albania, and given the fact that the UK and the US Government – the embodiment of the modern British Empire, control the entire world, I often think of the reasons which have led people to this global downfall, especially Muslims.

There is no doubt that Muslims are doing something blatantly wrong. The political power of the British Empire – a bunch of uncivilized people of Europe – does not fully account for the occupation and the subjugation of Muslims. From the divine perspective, they could be considered the superficial factor, but the real problem lies within us.

For this reason, I objectively think that there is no other ideology that could save Muslims today from the western oppression and subjugation than Islam itself. It provides the best political manual and the best response to political corruption. Islam does not propose a political system that has been simply brought together by some thinkers. It is a divine religion, so it provides the real antidote to the western despotism, as well as it gives the best prescription for political freedom and human liberation if only people take it seriously and in its entirety.

I will just mention one political element that Islam has tackled rigorously in order to illustrate how much it cares about the freedom of people, their dignity, their future and the future of their families.


Bribery is a disease as old as humanity. Islam has addressed it carefully and sufficiently. Bribery in essence is to offer something to someone in position in order to receive something in return which otherwise it is not possible and which one does not deserve.

It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has said, “May the curse of Allaah be upon the one who pays a bribe and the one who takes it.” (ِAbu Dawood, at-Tirmidhi).

Bribery is similar to usury or bank interest. Recklessly, people are tempted to look for short cuts and momentary benefits without realizing that they are giving up their human freedom – much needed to guarantee a functional and just political system.

Giving bribery in order to get a job or whatever, it is guaranteed that the people in power are going to request from you more things apart from what you’re giving them now. They are going to ask you to be silent on political corruption, betray others if needs be, to be a spy, to give up your rights, to sell your soul off, and to humiliate yourself and your family. Bribery is a hindrance to political justice.

For clarification: bribery could be money, gifts, sex, and other favors. In essence, the western democracy runs heavily on two things: interest and bribery – both are enslaving mechanisms, which Islam prohibits.

Bribery is one example, but Islam offers the full package for freedom and political justice and human dignity. Islam is the antidote.

Sabri Lushi

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