by Sabri Lushi

There is no doubt that politics is a filthy business, especially the politics of the British Evil Empire, which has managed to rule the entire world through lies, propaganda, a divide-and-conquer strategy, the exploitation of everything at its disposal – including false religions and Satan rituals because the world is too big for a bunch of barbarians to rule it. However, what I find more than disgusting and disappointing is the treason of Muslim leaders and their cowardness.

The Government of Türkiye should know all too well that playing with historical facts in order to please our enemies, that is, the British Empire and the US Government, is preposterous and ludicrous. This indicates the terrible weakness of the Muslim Ummah, which should not be the case.

We all know that after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Muslim countries, including Türkiye, were occupied by the British Evil Empire – Islam’s biggest enemy. We all know that the British barbarians have killed and persecuted our scholars, burned our libraries, stolen our artifacts, imprisoned whoever spoke the truth, and put in power spies and agents. This is the sad reality of the Muslim Ummah, from Morocco to Indonesia.

We all know that the British Empire is infamously known for distorting our history, spreading lies and parroting false historical facts, falsifying books and inventing mythological figures. This does not surprise us because the British Empire is the mother of all evil. The British Empire is the empire of atheism, heresy, immorality and paganism. Pagans have no trustworthiness and no morality.

Yet, I didn’t know that there are among us, such as President Erdoğan, who are so reckless and imprudent, who have the audacity to play with our history just for the sake of pleasing the British Monarchy or the corrupt US Government.

You can build and renovate mosques, but you should do that only for the sake of God and to please Him. Don’t spend money on projects which attempt to revive and invent historical myths.

If you want to contribute to the revival of our glorious history, you can name the Istanbul International Airport (IST) after the legendary hero Muhammad Ali Pasha, who terrified the British barbarians two centuries ago, who saved our caliphate from an imminent invasion. Certainly, the British occupiers don’t like this name because it terrifies and mortifies them, but that’s the point.

My appeal to President Erdogan: stop with your humiliating political games, which seem to please the enemies of Islam, i.e., the British Empire. If you want to revive our history, start with the Albanian warrior Muhammad Ali Pasha – name your IST airport after him. Maybe this will be the beginning of a political movement for declaring Türkiye an independent country.

Don’t play with our history. If you want to do something, shut down the CIA training centers in Türkiye and expel the occupying US army.

Sabri Lushi

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