by Sabri Lushi

Those who cooperate with the government secretly and illegally, who are required to do a favor to it because of a job or a previous favor done by the government to them, in order to harm another citizen on behalf of the government, who are involved in this immoral and shameful activity due to their ignorance or weakness of character or fear, who might be among relatives or coworkers or religious community, I don’t know how to classify them.

Should they be classified as traitors? Probably yes, even though their treacherous activity is a little bit complicated.

Should they be classified as immoral? There is no doubt that cooperating with the Secularist governments against innocent citizens because of some materialist benefits they’re receiving is the epitome of immorality.

Should they be classified as terrorists? It’s not an exaggeration. The Secularist governments are well known for sponsoring terrorists and terrorist activities.

Nevertheless, we should never deal with such stooges. They are spies and immoral agents whoever they may be: relatives, coworkers, members of the religious community, the clergy, or acquaintances. We should deal with those who are controlling such stooges. We should point the finger directly at governments. We should expose the British Secularism and its immoral political system.

The British Monarchy has managed to keep the entire world under its despotic rule by means of a highly sophisticated system which consists of spies, agents, propaganda, lies, the spread of misinformation and disinformation and gossips, by exploitation of religion and polytheists and Satanists and magicians, and whatever helps them keep the power.

The British Empire is the empire of immorality. It’s ready to do whatever serves it. It subscribes to no moral values or principles. It respects no taboos or sanctity of human beings. It shows no reverence for God and human dignity.

All I can say to spies and agents of the Secularist governments – the representatives of the British Empire, who might be among relatives, friends, coworkers, members of the religious community, part of the clergy or whatever and whoever:

Don’t sell your soul off for a few pennies. Life is short. It’s not worth of experimenting with your soul. Don’t be deceived by a few pennies given to you by the government or perhaps a favor done to you. Life is short, so don’t stain yourself. Don’t enslave yourself to some godless governments, which use you as a toilet paper.

If you’re put in a difficult situation where you either have to pay a price or harm others in the name of the government, definitely nothing justifies you for harming others, even the pressure of the government, and the money received by it isn’t a reason.

Governments, especially in this time and age, are all evil, so don’t trust them, or else you’ll pay a hefty price. You can work for the government, but do so only legally and transparently, according to a clear contract.

Sabri Lushi

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