by Sabri Lushi

After five centuries of glory and freedom, morality and honor, after five centuries of strong family and pride, faith in God and religious enlightenment, the Albanian people were occupied by the British Evil Empire in 1912; the people of the grand viziers and fierce military generals, the people of Köprülü dynasty and Sinan Pasha, the warriors of Muhammed Ali Pasha and the nation of Muhammad Al-Albani fell under the oppression of the British barbarians and a new chapter opened for the history of our people.

Even though the British Empire managed to control the entire world after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, it didn’t treat the occupied nations the same. Albanians were not treated the same as the Serbian people or the Greek or the French people. If we take into consideration all the historical facts of the last century, we will notice that the British Empire somehow had its revenge against our nation.

Maybe this had to do with the role of Albanians and their importance within the Ottoman Empire, so the hatred of the British Monarchy towards the Muslim caliphate meant by extension a hatred for the Albanian people. At the same time, we should not forget that the Albanian legendary Muhammad Ali Pasha and his compatriot warriors defeated and humiliated the British army in Egypt two centuries ago. This fact is enough to explain the hatred of the British Monarchy towards our people. Therefore, once the British barbarians came to power, they took their revenge, by rendering our nation the most oppressed and humiliated one in Europe.

While the British Empire imposed communism on many of its occupied territories, such as on Russia, Yugoslavia, France, China and so on and so forth, the communist regime that it imposed and installed in Albania was by far the most extremist version. This was not by any means incidental or accidental. This shows the hatred of the British Monarchy for the imperial nation of Albania – those who had terrified the British Army before.

The five-decade communist regime of Albania, which was imposed and maintained in power by the British Empire was no less than a full enslavement of our imperial nation. This shows actually that the British Monarchy had full knowledge of our political and military capacity, so no freedom could be tolerated for us under the terms of the occupation.

During the enslaving communist regime, the Albanian people had literally no rights. We were literally enslaved by the British regime. None of the following rights was allowed:

the right to: make independent decisions, own a business, choose a career or job, quit the job, lead an independent life, marry freely and independently, change residence, organize political movements, be a social influencer, practice the religion of Islam, build mosques, teach the real history to the new generation, publish books, and own weapons. Even today, we don’t have most of such rights.

Sabri Lushi

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