by Sabri Lushi

Traditionally, when an empire used to occupy a nation or another empire, it meant necessarily that it had the right to hold the political and the military control; the new subjects had to obey the laws of the occupying empire and fight for it whenever it called them for war, and pay taxes. This is the very definition of occupation and political control. Whether we like it or not, the world has always been ruled by empires ever since human population covered more or less the entire globe.

The British Empire makes no difference in this regard. It is a classical empire, ruled by a very old and classical dynasty, which, accidently or not, controls today the entire world. The law of occupation applies the same. Nothing has changed.

After the execution of King Louis XVI in 1793 and the subjugation of France, the British Empire expanded its power until it reached the peak at the beginning of the 20th century with the defeat of the Ottoman Empire during WWI. It became the largest empire of human history and practically eliminated any opposing power, including Muslims.

Soon after, the Evil Empire went undercover; instead, it started to demonstrate its power through international organizations and alliances, such as the UN, NATO, and puppet republic entities such as the US Government, the USSR (now Russia) and People’s Republic of China. This made the Evil Empire more dangerous and more evil.

While other nations and tribes of the world, which lack ideological foundations, have been integrated fully into the British Empire and its corrupt Secularist ideology, Muslims continue to resist the British Evil because Islam in itself is a very powerful religion and it encourages its adherents to strive for freedom and self-governance.

Therefore, the British Empire considers Muslims not easy subjects to be ruled under its pagan laws while Islam has its superior law. The problem that the Evil Empire faces with Muslims is created by the fact that, on one hand, it prefers to stay undercover and not demonstrate itself as an occupier while, on the other hand, Muslims are occupied and they are expected to behave under such conditions.

That’s why the Evil Empire has chosen to tackle this problem in a different way. Instead of telling Muslims that they are occupied, the British Monarchy and its appointed governments and agents appear as if their problem is not with Islam, but with the political Islam.

According to the British Monarchy and its appointed governments and agents, Muslims should not be involved in politics, they should not defend themselves, their properties and their families. They should practice their religion in a very restricted way and show full obedience to the pagan laws and the rule of the British Monarchy because Muslims are occupied.

So, political Islam in the context of the British occupation means any attempt of Muslims to defend themselves from the British oppression.

Sabri Lushi

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