by Sabri Lushi

The American journalist, political commentator and supporter of Trump, Tucker Carlson, says that President Biden is trying to grant the US citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants for purely political reasons, so they can vote for him in the next presidential election. By adding approximately 21 million supporters through this process, Biden surpasses Trump, argues Tucker. He also says that America is not in need of immigrants.

With all due respect, but Tucker is totally wrong and he’s misleading people on purpose. I agree with him that the western countries don’t need immigrants, but saying that western governments are allowing people cross the border illegally for votes or labour needs couldn’t be more wrong.

In my view, immigration of people from less developed or destroyed countries, mainly Muslim lands, is a process that is caused, guided and controlled by the western governments as part of a larger agenda of the British Empire for the control of nations and the exploitation of their natural resources.

Immigration is not fun. It’s not entertainment. No one leaves his or her home because they don’t know anything better to do. Immigration has consequences. There’s nothing more destructive for a society than immigration. It disturbs the social mechanisms. Even if people immigrate legally and get settled immediately in a new country, they would need years, and maybe generations, to get fully settled. If this is the case for legal immigrants, what would be the case for illegal ones?

Immigration destroys a society almost on the same scale as a war. It’s a very efficient way of subjugating nations and rendering them slaves. A settled society has better chances to flourish while immigrants are constantly on a survival mode.

In this regard, not only has the USA done no favor to such people, but actually those immigrants have ended up in that country as the result of the American wars and American destructive policies against the homeland of immigrants and by supporting terrorist governments around the world.

By either playing the victim, as Trump does – as if immigrants are exploiting the USA, or by bringing elections into the equation is the best way of covering up the entire evil American policies against nations.

No immigrant should be thankful to the western governments. By living legally and receiving the citizenship is the least they deserve. Immigrants are not in the West because they hate their homeland, but because their countries have been destroyed by America and other western terrorist governments.

Tucker is dishonest and a liar.

While I personally highly recommend and advise people not to immigrate to the USA, Canada and other western corrupt countries, as immigration is a strategy of war to destroy nations, those who happened to live in the West, documented or undocumented, should never be thankful to the western governments – the thieves of natural resources.

Sabri Lushi

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