by Sabri Lushi

Not only the Turkish people, but many Muslims around the world are celebrating the election of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the president of Türkiye for the next five years. Interestingly, I even watched a video of people from the city of Prizren, Kosovo, gathered on the streets celebrating. Many on social media are calling him the leader of the Muslim Ummah.

Even though the celebration could be an exaggeration, especially given the fact that elections are more symbolic and a political façade invented by the British Empire, it is indicative of some truth, no less.

First, it seems that the sentiment of the Turkish people against Mustafa Kamal is on the rise, and this is undoubtedly good news. Mustafa Kamal was the biggest traitor of the Turkish people. He was a British agent and an enemy of Muslims.

Second, the celebration of Muslims around the world and their positive reactions and support for Mr. Erdoğan indicate their aspiration for having a global Muslim leader, who would represent them and defend Islam and Muslims against the western oppressors. So, this shows more the need of Muslims for having a leader or a caliph rather than a genuine support for Erdoğan, in my view.

At the same time, the emotional reactions of Muslims and their shallow thinking is not a good sign either. They are calling Mr. Erdoğan the leader of the Muslim Ummah while he has not liberated the Republic of Türkiye yet from the American military bases and the political control of the British Monarchy. We have to be realistic about the big challenges that the Turkish people and the Muslim Ummah in general are facing.

First, Türkiye continues to be part of NATO, an organization that has been formed to fight Muslims, to kill women and children. In my view, there is no moral justification for Türkiye to remain a member of that military alliance which has been founded by those who occupied the Ottoman Empire a century ago.

Second, the USA continues to keep a major military base in Türkiye, as well as CIA training centers. How can the Turkish President claim territorial control and real executive power when the army and the intelligence service of our enemy is there controlling the country.

Therefore, Erdoğan should immediately leave NATO and expel the military base of our enemies from Türkiye. Not only is it a shame for the Turkish people, but it is keeping the country under occupation and oppression. The President should act before it is too late, otherwise it shows that he has no power and is not the real leader of the country. To become the leader of the Ummah, one has to fight wars, not win elections.

I personally love the Turkish people and the millions of Albanians who live there, including my relatives, so I want to see that country liberated from the US oppressors.

Sabri Lushi

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