by Sabri Lushi

One of the most obvious principles of creed in Islam is to believe that what is from God, including the Islamic law, is superior, perfect, just, and what benefits people the most, as the Qur’an clearly states:

“He is the One Who has sent His Messenger with true guidance and the religion of truth, making it prevail over all others, even to the dismay of the polytheists.” [61:9]

I am sure that Erdoğan knows this very well. He would admit that the law of Islam is superior to the British Secularist laws, which are human made laws in order to oppress and exploit nations. Mr. Erdoğan is a person who seems to recite the Qur’an, so definitely he is fully aware of his position.

However, many Muslims argue that working under the British Secularism or running for office, especially considering that the Ummah of Islam is occupied by the British Empire, is a political necessity. The main principle that they would quote to justify the job of a Muslim politician under the British Secularism is the principle of “the lesser of two evils.”

Therefore, we should not forget that Mr. Erdoğan is in that position as the lesser of two evils; in other words, working under the British Secularism, applying the oppressive British laws, obeying the British rulers, having the military under the British and American control, having the British rulers approve the economic and political agendas, all of these are evil, but it is a lesser evil compared to the presidency of the other candidate, who openly admires the British Secularism – the pagan religion of our enemies.

However, Mr. Erdoğan is being presented to us as a great leader, as de facto the leader of the Muslim Ummah, almost as the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire while he is still applying not the laws of Islam, but the laws of the British Secularism. He is still acting as the lesser of two evils, not as the leader of the Ummah.

At the same time, Erdoğan is being used by the British barbarians to justify a bigger evil: to convince us that the British Secularism is not bad because “look at Erdoğan, and look at what he is doing,” as if they’re to say that the British Secularism is actually better than Islam.

We’re seeing Muslims praising the British democracy and praising the British Secularism because of Erdoğan. This is very dangerous. This is the evil itself, whether Mr. Erdoğan approves it or not. He is promoting the religion of our enemies. He is promoting the evil Secularism. He is applying the oppressive laws of the British Empire in a Muslim land.

As the lesser of two evils, Erdoğan cannot be the leader of the Ummah. First he should expel the military base of the US occupiers. He should control his territory before he claims to be the leader of the Ummah.

As long as Erdoğan applies the oppressive Secularist laws, he is the lesser of two evils, not the best option. There could be much better options out there for Türkiye, which is currently under the British occupation.

Sabri Lushi

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