by Sabri Lushi

Lack of awareness about the reality and heedlessness are the worse enemies while illusion is the best friend of our enemy. In this life, there are natural laws that we all believe in and act in accordance with except that Secularism has confused us all, especially when it comes to politics, economy and religion.

Whether you’re a Muslim or not, your needs are the same: you needs access to natural resources in order to survive and feed yourself, and you need an ideology to organize your life. The Qur’an teaches us that the mission of prophets has not merely focused on preaching people to the belief in God – in what most people would understand as acceptance or recognition of God.

The political oppression, such as the case of Israelites in Egypt, economic injustice such as the involvement of usury, or abusive social practices related to inheritance and marriage have been a major focus of the Prophets of God even though their ultimate mission has been to call people to monotheism.

If money is controlled by an unjust system, if jobs are controlled by the government, if businesses are the monopoly of a certain category of people, if laws make it impossible to own land or raise an independent family – which is one of the most precious investments in life, in this case it is part and parcel of religion to fight for such basic and survival rights. Those who control the economy will eventually control everything, including religion.

Under the British Secularism, this is exactly what we are facing. Secularist Governments control everything and they have the monopoly on everything: money, economy, land, natural resources, education, military, judiciary, law-making, jobs, businesses, and intelligence service.

One might argue that the fact that the British Secularist governments control everything is not a problem because governments actually represent us and they are there for us. This is the whole idea of the British Secularism, to have a government for all, they would argue.

This is not the case and it has never been. Secularist governments are highly indoctrinated and ideologically motivated. They are generally atheists or enemies of God and Islam. They represent the British Rule. Secularist governments are a demonstration of the power of the British Empire and the British Monarchy.

In this regard, the antagonism between Muslims and British Secularists is undeniable regardless of British propaganda around the world. Islam is the main target of the British Secularism, which is weaponizing its political, economic, and military power to force Muslims abandon their religion. Muslims are discriminated, oppressed, targeted and even killed.

Muslims should never trust Secularist governments. There will never be a reconciliation with them. They are liars, oppressors, immoral, and propagandists. They – including western governments, are weaponizing everything they can to destroy Islam and Muslims.

Sabri Lushi

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