by Sabri Lushi

During the Secularist regime of Enver Hoxha – this British agent, the military service in Albania was compulsory. Given the fact that the British-installed communist regime never waged any war against any other country, nor did it even intend to do so, was there a need actually to even have a military service, waste all that time and energy, and keep busy thousands of Albanian men? Undoubtedly, this is a very legitimate question. I myself have wondered a long time about the reason why the British puppet regime of Enver Hoxha established a military when he never planned to fight, nor did he have enemies.

Soon I came to realize that the military in modern states, typically in small countries such as in Albania, which were occupied by the British Empire, has nothing to do with wars and country defense. The military service has a completely different role, which might seem secondary.

The truth of the matter is that the main role of the Albanian People’s Army was to indoctrinate and train politically and ideologically all those young men who otherwise the state had no educational access to them. That’s why the military service was mandatory only for those who didn’t pursue a postsecondary educational program.

The British-installed regime of Enver Hoxha intended to control the whole population in the most absolute sense. Every single adult male or female had to be not simply a law abiding citizen and loyal to the state, but they had to serve as spies, agents and informants of the one-party state. People had to trust the party; they had to believe in it; they had to worship the leader and treat him as all-knowing and infallible. Whoever doubted the leader and didn’t serve unconditionally the state, they were declared as state enemies and faced terrible persecution, including death penalty.

So, the primary role of schools, educational institutes and universities was to indoctrinate students and force them to work as secret agents of the state while they also were being prepared professionally to serve the party. For those who couldn’t go to university, the military came in handy, whose purpose was only indoctrination and preparing people to work as spies and agents.

Of course, the reason why all people had to become spies and agents was simply the most efficient way to control them: all against all. There was no real enemy; the enemy was the people themselves. They had to spy their families, relatives, one another, and keep themselves busy.

The bad news is that the British barbaric Empire has applied this horrible all-spy policy in every country. Even in so called democratic countries such as the USA and Canada, it is pretty much the same. They are regimes that function on massive espionage and absolute secret control.

That’s why I have no respect for military personnel, in Albania and elsewhere. They are spies and secret agents of the government.

Sabri Lushi

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