by Sabri Lushi

There is no doubt that the future of Türkiye does not matter only to the Turkish people, but it matters to Muslims around the world. To Albanians it matters even more because, along with the Turkish people, we were part of the Ottoman Empire.

In addition, by holding high political and military positions, such as grand viziers, viziers and military generals, it is fair to say that the Ottoman Muslim Empire belonged to Albanians more than they belonged to the Empire. It is enough to mention the legendary Muhammad Ali Pasha to illustrate the position of the Albanian people within the Empire. Not only did he defeat the British army in Egypt at the beginning of the 19th century, but he became the most important governor and was granted a special title by the Sultan.

Because of their tremendous political and military contribution to the defense of the Empire, thousands of Albanians lived in Istanbul, Cairo, Damascus and other major metropolitan areas. When Albania was occupied by the British Empire in 1912, the number of Albanians who were living in Istanbul was bigger than of those living in the current territory of Albania. The graves of many of our grand fathers are in Istanbul, as well as millions of our Albanians brothers and sisters live in Turkey today. Therefore, the future of Türkiye matters to us.

In my view, Türkiye deserves a true leader, a political genius, someone who would really dedicate his life to the future of the Turkish people, someone who has a clear vision to liberate his country from the long British occupation. Liberation of Türkiye from the yoke and the enslavement of the British Rule and the degradation of the British Secularism is a great victory for the whole Muslim Ummah. A free Türkiye means a good foundation for the unification and the liberation of Muslims around the world from the oppression and exploitation of the US Government and the British Empire represented by its modern organizations, such as the UN. Türkiye needs a man, who is brave, genuine, sincere, strong and who is not afraid of the western tyrants.

Moreover, a true leader of Türkiye should take control of the country as the first step of liberation. This includes necessarily the following:

First, Türkiye should leave NATO – this anti Muslim military organization. NATO is merely another name for the modern army of the British Empire – the one which defeated the Ottoman Empire and which continues to keep Türkiye under occupation.

Second, no CIA training centers should be allowed to remain in the Turkish territory.

Third, no military bases of the US Government should stay in Türkiye.

Fourth, all the current military generals and officers who work for the CIA and British secret agencies should be replaced with Turkish patriots.

These are necessary for the liberation of Türkiye from the British occupation. We don’t want propaganda and lies, but a true leader.

Sabri Lushi

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