by Sabri Lushi

Have you ever dealt with the courts of law and the oppressive laws of the British Empire? Have you ever been confronted by a Secularist government – the representatives of the British Evil Empire? Have you ever been wronged at your workplace or stolen your property? Have you ever applied for a construction permit and it has been rejected by the government? Have your ever been threatened by a Secularist government that it is going to shut down your business or confiscate your property? Have you ever had ideas for business and entrepreneurship and you’ve been confronted by the CIA or the intelligence service of your country?

I am sure that each and every citizen has gone through problems. As long as natural resources are limited, the life will be a challenge, whether living under the British Secularism or any other form of government. This is not new and particularly related to the British Evil Empire.

However, when it comes to the maintenance of power and the approach to solutions, the British Secularism is almost unique and unprecedented. The level of deception, political immorality, lies, propaganda, the immoral and deceptive political communication, the distortion of language and political terminology that we face nowadays is only getting worse.

The British Evil Empire has developed a sophisticated system of lies and deception and highly effective with regard to dealing with the above mentioned cases of injustice. Objectively speaking, the Empire recognizes the fact that it is unjust, oppressive, immoral and despotic, that it steals natural resources and exploits nations around the world, so injustice is the most common phenomenon that it deals with. So, it has mastered the art of deceiving people and nations.

Thus, we have to accept the fact that under the British Empire we all are slaves in the most literal and classical sense. By definition, a slave is an individual who lives under a political system whose rights to decision making and ownership are very restricted or completely denied. In this regard, the British Evil Empire doesn’t consider it a real duty to solve our problems. Slaves should simply obey the empire and be grateful for whatever they are given.

Second, the Empire has invented a fake right which is supposed to appease slaves, make them believe that somehow they are participating in a grand decision making, that is, elections, while in reality it is merely a theater which wastes people’s time and energy.

Therefore, the common answer that we receive from the British Secularist governments when we are confronted with cases of injustice and oppression: “go vote, you slave.”

As slaves, we don’t have the right to resist politically, seek justice, oppose courts of law and expose oppressive laws of the Barbaric Empire, fight for our basic rights of ownership and business; instead, the Evil Empire distracts us with voting – the right of slaves.

Sabri Lushi

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