by Sabri Lushi

In 1776, humanity was about to witness the invention of a new political system, an unprecedented political model which would settle the fate of politics for the entire world, that is, the formation of none other than the US Republic.

The US Republic is an abstract political model. The power belongs to abstract entities, to offices, desks, chairs, and to the people – yet people is an abstract notion, which alludes to the concept of herd – it’s just a collective number of individuals without any regard to the particular values of the persons who are members of ‘the people.’ It marks an unprecedented fall of man: transformation from individuals (humans) to a herd.

The US Republic elevated the concept of lying or deception into an institution or political model. Everything is abstract; therefore, no one takes responsibility for anything. If President Bush, for example, deploys the US military in Iraq to murder children and women, we should not attribute that action to Mr. George, but to the White House or the office of the US President.

The US Republic is an abstract political model and it relies on secrecy. It has copied the concept of the Devil – an entity that exists, but operates from an unseen dimension; likewise, the US Republic operates from an unseen or abstract world: through constitution, ‘independent courts of law’ – as if judges are some robots who don’t have names, White House, the military complex, CEOs, NGOs, corporations, lobbies, and the media. It’s operates on propaganda and whispering. For this reason, even though it is a system that accounts for the highest number of crimes in human history, no one takes responsibility and no one is able to point the finger at anyone. It is like Iblis or the Satan, which operates behind the scenes.

Soon after the formation of the US Republic by the British Monarch, the British Empire invaded the Kingdom of France, executed King Louis XVI in 1793, and formed the French Republic after a massive bloodshed. This was the second republic of the human history. Given the success that the British Monarchy achieve in America and France, it replicated this corrupt political model in the entire world.

Soviet Union and China were two other major projects of the British Empire. The political success was unstoppable. Republic became the new definition of occupation and colonization, but with much less responsibility for the crimes of the empire because everything is orchestrated secretly.

The US Republic taught us that politics is all about lies, deception, immorality, lack of responsibility, say something but meant something else. The US Republic was the biggest communist project of the world. It is a murdering machine. It turns humans from individuals into slaves and statistics.

In short, the US Republic has resulted into a big curse for humanity. It continues to hold the world hostage. It is the biggest lie of human history.

Sabri Lushi

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