by Sabri Lushi

I love freedom. We all love freedom. We hear about it a lot. We know that it is something good, but it is hard to define. It is a quality or a state of being that we can recognize, just like beauty, but we might not be able to define it by words. Perhaps it is much easier to describe what is not freedom than what it is.

If you wake up in the morning and go to work, that’s not freedom. You might work in order to earn money, so you can provide for your family and yourself, but that’s a necessity to stay alive, which you call it freedom. Indeed, that’s how America defines it: having a job, especially one under a boss.

If you watch the news on regular basis, entertain yourself with whatever the media serves you, including the social media, that’s not freedom. You might think that you’re doing what you want, but that’s the opposite of freedom even though America propagates such garbage as a manifestation of freedom.

America preaches that freedom is to satisfy the stomach and what’s in between the legs, to entertain the brain with music, intoxication, banality, and illusions – typically movies.

Islam, on the other hand, teaches us the opposite. Freedom is not obtained by unleashing the desires, but by restraining them; not by focusing on appearance, but on the improvement of the inside.

According to Islam, freedom is the truth while lies and illusions are just the opposite. Freedom starts from the mind – being able to think freely, absolutely freely; it does not start from the stomach and what’s in between the legs, as America propagates.

A spy, a liar, a coward, a stupid, someone who cannot accept the truth, who is a hypocrite, who cannot resist immediate desires, who is deceived by the image and the illusions of the pleasures of this temporary – very temporary, life is not free.

Freedom starts by liberating the brain, by thinking freely and being able to accept the naked truth of everything, whether it suits us or not, exactly what the British Secularism hates the most. America manufactures slavery with the illusion of freedom while Islam calls people to the true sense of freedom because it forces people to wake up first. With all the lies, deception, espionage, secrecy, immorality, propaganda, and again, lies and only lies, America cannot lead to freedom, but dystopia.

If you love freedom, and I am sure you do if you’re still young, start by refusing any secrecy and any secret cooperation with the government; that will kill your brain and put you in a box. Spies cannot be free. Respect yourself and never settle for less, so you will start to taste freedom, and then it will guide you to the ultimate freedom.

Remember: freedom is never granted by governments. Never! Don’t be deceived or fooled by America – the archenemy of freedom and the biggest lie of human history, the symbol of lies and façade and espionage and secrecy. That’s not freedom; that’s slavery and hell.

Sabri Lushi

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