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Speak up and call out the facts. Don’t be afraid!

by Sabri Lushi

The fact that Muslim countries have given rise to one of the most tyrannical and oppressive governments in the world, governments that have full control over their population – family by family, house by house, neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block, city by city and region by region. Insidiously, such governments rely heavily on spies who spread chaos, problems, conflicts, sabotage, to the very limits of official slavery and total humiliation of their own population, this has made me reflect time and again about what’s wrong with such societies? Have they been ‘raped’ by the western empires to the extent that they have been turned into zombies?

In this context, the Fallen Kingdom, the kingdom of betrayal and backstabbing, ruled by the coward and corrupt vicegerents, is at the forefront of betrayal, treason, backstabbing, oppression, deception and desecration of the holy lands.

Behind the most important events of the 20th and 21st centuries, which have resulted into millions of deaths, lost of lands – including holy lands, destruction of societies and countries, imprisonment of scholars and intellectuals, to the fall of the Ottoman Empire, stands the Fallen Kingdom, the kingdom of betrayal, which openly and historically has been installed by the British Empire. Such a kingdom cannot last longer than two weeks without foreign aid. Such a betrayal kingdom, that does not have the credibility any more to maintain the holy mosques, has one and only one goal: to betray and backstab others, to imprison and oppress their own population. They purchase incredible amounts of military equipment to kill their own people, because their own people are the true enemies of such corrupt governments.

Let’s not forget another heartbreaking fact that it is this Kingdom that started the fire in the north and turned it into a trap and slaughterhouse for Muslims from Kingdom and other countries. This Kingdom should be held accountable for the large scale of betrayal. When I mean the Kingdom, I mean the House of Treason and Backstabbing, which rules as an occupying government overs its population, a population which has been turned into spies, slaves, cowards and traitors.

No matter how archaic the words ‘betrayal’ and ‘treason’ might sound, they are indeed diseases that have inflicted so much damage to the whole Muslim community.

The only thing that we ordinary people can do is to defend ourselves, to speak up against betrayal, treason and injustice; to spread awareness as much as possible. Remember that injustice and falsehood can never triumph over injustice and truth. The House of Treason, regardless of having the support of the western empires, it cannot last long without the consent and the allegiance of the population of the Kingdom.

Speak up and call out the facts. Don’t be afraid!

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