by Sabri Lushi

The distraction of people from real problems and the obvious truths that hurt people by means of what is called foreign policy, especially done by ridiculous leaders or vicegerents, is more than appalling.

In order to understand the relationship between countries – modern administrative units, which are simply some drawings on the map, especially for the former territories of the Ottoman Empire, we have to keep in mind the political reality of the world where we live in and the basic principles that govern politics.

In the world today, there is only and only one Superpower called the American Empire, where the USA is merely a country under this umbrella. This is not a secret, nor is it praise or condemnation. It is a reality and a fact. In fact, it is necessary for the world to have one empire to oversee the policies that affect us all. Whether we like it or not, we are interconnected politically, economically, geographically, in many cases territorially, socially, spiritually, and above all, we breathe the same air – one of the concerns of the climate change movement, which is absolutely legitimate. The pollution of a country affects others.

In this regard, what surprises me is the Balkanization of the Middle East in every aspect; not only geographically, but even in terms of foreign policy, as if they have their own foreign policy.

Or, for example, one of the most divisive issues is whether certain countries should normalize the relations with another middle eastern country or not, or whether Saudi Arabia should continue problems with Iran or not, or whether Turkey and Saudi Arabia are enemies or not, or if the tiny Qatar should normalize the relations with Saudi Arabia.

We all know that in the modern world under the umbrella of the American Empire there is no such a thing foreign policy, especially for the former territories of the Ottoman Empire.

We all know that those middle eastern countries are lines drawn on the map by the former British Empire, USA and France.

We all know that Arab countries, as part of the agreement, are not allowed to have any foreign policy.

We all know that every Arab country is ruled by a spy and agent trained in the West. They don’t even represent their own people. They are merely some appointed spies.

So, when I see on the news that Saudi Arabia is or isn’t normalizing certain relations, who cares. The Secular State of Saudi Arabia – it is very important to emphasize this, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Iran or whatever names are on the map have no foreign policies. Their leaders are trained spies to rule and oppress their own people. They are appointed by the American Empire, and frankly speaking, there is nothing wrong here.

What pisses me off is when such countries try to represent Muslims or monopolize certain causes.

These trained spies do not represent any policy regarding Global Muslim Community, who is unrepresented. Full Stop!

Sabri Lushi

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