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Canadian Government is an immoral regime and the judicial system is corrupt

by Sabri Lushi

The Canadian Department of Justice often indicates that systemic racism exists within the Canadian judicial system, mostly referring to the the Indigenous people. I completely disagree with the propaganda of the Government. This is merely an attempt to cover up the real problems of the corrupt courts of law, which is not racism, but the political motivation of judges and their immoral political agendas.

Over all, what makes Canada a problematic country, especially for Muslims, is the Canadian Government is an immoral regime and that the judicial system is corrupt. The Canadian Government is not a transparent government. It is a regime that simply has a good façade. It is a government that cannot be trusted. It is a government that operates like mafia, not as a political organization that represents all citizens. It is a typical British mafia government.

Whenever one is confronted with a problem in Canada, which eventually might involve the courts of law, there is a high probability that behind that problem is the government and its agents and spies. The Canadian courts of law are designed to oppress citizens. That’s why there is so much invested in their image in order to make people have no doubts when they are abused by the Canadian judges.

What surprises me is that the Canadian courts of law are so politically motivated and so corrupt, and the injustice is so obvious, yet the Government is so successful in convince people that judges are independent when they are not simply agents, but they are the government itself. The Canadian judges are the core of the political power in Canada.

Unfortunately, a country whose government operates like mafia, which lacks political responsibility and transparency, whose courts of law are totally corrupt and whose judges lack morality and integrity, that country is dangerous. That’s exactly Canada: the country of corrupt judges and abusive laws, a country that has become an exile for many Muslims and non Muslims.

The Canadian corrupt and immoral politicians should know that the image cannot be improved by propaganda, but by concrete and serious actions, by limiting the power of judges and by increasing political transparency. Under this immoral system, the Canadian citizens are not equal before the law and not equal before the government.

We don’t care about slogans and propaganda. We don’t care if judges are independent or not. All we need is justice. All we need is to be treated equally and fairly by the Government. All we need is judges whose power is not subjective and discretionary, but based on clear laws. All we need is a government that can be trusted, that does not use agents and spies against us. We need a transparent government, not a mafia that operates underground all the time.

Sabri Lushi

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