by Sabri Lushi

The post modern British Empire is not threatened by political adversaries. Its last enemy was the Ottoman caliphate. On the other hand, Russia and China are not political enemies. Quite the opposite, these two communist countries represent the strength of the Empire . The importance of Russia and China are more essential than that of the USA.

In my view, the problem of the British Monarchy and its puppet governments around the world is with individuals. It is not with masses or political entities. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, every single government around the world is appointed and controlled by the British Monarchy.

On the other hand, this vast empire, unique in its political position, is focused on getting rid of every individual who could pose a political threat, who could have a voice in society, and who could become an independent reformer. In other words, those who supposedly are guaranteed freedom of free speech, they are exactly the ones the British Monarchy’s governments are looking for.

In this regard, it’s not illogical at all for governments today to undertake big political activities while in fact they target certain individuals only. The purpose of the big fuss is to give the impression that there’s nothing political in case certain people get killed, arrested, their property gets stolen, their business gets shut down. “They are collateral victims,” they would argue.

This strategy works perfectly. Those who are targeted by the governments of the British Monarchy will never be aware that there’s a more organized war against them.

Therefore, the Ukrainian war, the war of Kosovo in 1999, the Syrian or Iraqi invasions could have happened, among many other reasons, to get rid of a number of people, who could be much fewer than we think, who generally speaking are Muslims.

The point is that we should not get distracted by the propaganda of the post modern British Empire and its fake or orchestrated conflicts. This empire has no political enemies. The problem of governments, which are appointed by the British Monarchy, is with individuals, especially Muslim scholars.

That’s why the war of the British Monarchy’s armies has been focused on Muslim countries extensively, killing scholars and students of knowledge, bombarding knowledge centers, requesting from Muslim rulers to arrest and imprison scholars.

It’s not a coincidence that countries such as Saudi Arabia has been recently arresting scholars and replacing the old ones with obeying men.

The British Monarchy is in conflict with Muslims because they will never surrender, they will never pay homage to the atheists. Among Muslims, there will always be men and women who will not surrender to the enemy, who are obviously and clearly upon the truth. Regardless of trying to ignore them the most, they are the only problem of the post modern British Empire.

Masses are not the problem. Masses are the blind herd, controlled by the propaganda. They don’t need bullets.

Sabri Lushi

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