by Sabri Lushi

While it emerged as a political alternative to the Catholic Church – which was turned into a corrupt and despotic political institution, Secularism today is no longer a consolidated political alternative. It lacks sublime goals. Secularism has not proved to be a political philosophy which serves humanity; rather, it has been serving all along one single empire, that is, the British Empire. It has been serving one group of people and one dynasty. Therefore, the goals and objectives of Secularism are not to serve humanity, but a group of people. This is the key to understanding, among others, the distribution of wealth and natural resources.

The world today is ruled by the British Secularism. The twentieth century is but the century of the rise of the British Empire. The Governments that we see around the world today are but a British model of governance. The United Nations and other international organizations and institutions are but the representation of the British power. The economic model of the world today is but a British Secularist model. Therefore, it is not hard to collect data in order to understand Secularism as a political philosophy and its objectives. This time is the best time to judge Secularism as we’re living in its prime period, aren’t we?

I believe many would agree with me that there is so much concentration of wealth on the hands of few while millions around the world are starving, that governments enjoy an unprecedented power of control over natural resources and economic policies, that people are becoming increasingly more dependent on governments, and the opportunities and options to find a job, meaning, to have access to natural resources, are becoming scarce and limited in spite of the ability of people to work. We are facing too much control, as if everything is orchestrated behind the scenes. Many of us face job and income insecurities. Others don’t know where to invest while a lot more don’t have enough to put food on the table. How did we end up here? Who is responsible?

In my view, we are in this situation not because something went wrong, and somehow the political system failed to yield good results. We are in this political and economic situation because of the exact opposite. This is exactly what the British Secularism aimed to achieve, and here we are today: more vulnerable and dependent than ever.

The main objective of the British Secularism has always been to control natural resources, the means of production, land, water, the trading routes, markets, food production, the monetary policies, and even the ability of people to help each other. The objective of the British Secularism was to strip people off power, money, land, food production, and entrepreneurship abilities, and grant the government, i.e., the British Empire, and its servants the monopoly on everything, and I mean, everything.

Sabri Lushi

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