by Sabri Lushi

Even though Secularism has appeared to the world as an ideology which seeks to replace religion and provide for people a system that serves as a political umbrella for all, a neutral platform where the traditional religions, especially Islam, step aside and leave more room for citizens to live in tolerance under a modern state, it has blatantly failed to live up to this promise. Secularism is a religion; it is not the absence of it.

Secularism is the political ideology of the British Empire. Empires cannot exist without an ideology or a religion; therefore, the religion of the British Empire is Secularism.

The god of Secularism is not a statue or a particular symbol. The god of Secularism is human desires. With all its branches – communism, socialism, democracy, liberalism, hedonism, fascism etc., this religion denies the existence of soul; rather, it is only the fulfillment of the immediate desires that masses should run after while such desires are stimulated and controlled by the political elite.

Ironically, Secularism appeals to human desires and places a great consideration on them while, on the other hand, it has worked hard to control the means of satisfaction. It controls the economy, jobs, money, the businesses, and above all, it gets to write rules, laws and regulations.

Secularism is an intolerant religion. Although it appears as an indifferent political ideology, it is highly dogmatic. It does not tolerate anyone who might challenge it. Contrary to what people think, this religion was spread by the edge of sword, revolutions, imprisonment, oppression, persecution, wars and forced conversion.

It is enough to mention the case of Albania, where religion was banned by the Secularist government of Enver Hoxha for more than three decades, to argue that Secularism is an intolerant religion. Whoever rejected it, they faced persecution, imprisonment or execution. However, the western Secularism has not been less extremist. During the French Revolution, or the occupation of France by the British Empire, more than thirty thousand priests were forced into exile while the streets of Paris were covered in blood.

Secularism has one objective: human control. It calls people to the worship of desires. Indeed, the Qur’an has also mentioned such a false god, “Have you seen the one who has taken their own desires as their god?” [25:43]

Secularism – the official religion of the British Empire, subscribes to no moral values or natural rights. What is right today might be considered wrong tomorrow. It is a misleading and oppressive religion. It manipulates masses. It encourages people to think only of food, drink and sex. It distracts the masses from using their brains. Secularism has exalted human desires more than any other ideology.

Secularism is a religion, and its false god is human desires. It is a deceptive, oppressive and enslaving religion. It is the antithesis of true freedom.

Sabri Lushi

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