by Sabri Lushi

The politics within the framework of the British Secularism is very complex, pragmatist, and Machiavellian. It does everything to avoid responsibility. A Secularist government operates more secretly than overtly. It has developed all the political techniques that yield the best political result in a way that minimizes responsibility. The goal of the British Secularism is to never take the blame for anything as well as secular governments should never be identified as ‘enemies,’ so their political operations should be as covert as possible.

In this regard, a Secular government should never attack an individual directly. Not only will this alert the target, but the operation might even alert other citizens, relatives or members of his community, so this could lead to social cohesion as well as the operation will either fail or it will be achieved at a much higher cost.

For example, when a Secular Government – which is an embodiment of the British Secularism, decides to target a citizen, arrest him for political reasons or oppress him, the operation might include a change of law, regulation or a policy, as if there is a general change while the target himself will always appear as if he is a detail – as if there is nothing political behind the attack.

The British Secularism is a master of concealing the political operations against citizens. It avoids at any cost the possibility of making heroes or creating social or political cohesion. The most important thing is that the target himself should be treated as a completely ordinary case. This way, the British appointed governments could have oppressed and arrested millions of Muslims and political opponents.

The point which I am trying to make is that a British Secularist government could organize a fairly big operation to target or attack one individual – so the target is presented as an ordinary case, let alone when it comes to a whole community.

Is it possible that all this political campaign of introducing new genders, new laws, new definitions of gender and sex and marriage, and a new definition of human rights will actually end up as a classical war on Muslims, their families, and Islam?

Absolutely, it is quite possible that an attack on Islam and Muslims might appear as a general change on policies and the stance on human rights, it might appear as a general attack on the institution of family, but in reality it might have one target only: Islam and Muslims.

This insanity of gender experimentation, which includes the involvement of many actors, spies, and agents, could have one simple target: Muslim families and Islam, but they will never say this directly because it makes Muslims be aware of the war, so they will defend themselves. On the contrary, the western regimes act as if Muslims are not even on the radar. Indeed, this is a typical Secularist strategy.

Sabri Lushi

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