by Sabri Lushi

Given the historical position of Türkiye – the capital of the last caliphate of Islam, Muslims around the world show concern about what’s going on there. Muslims of the Balkans, too, are very connected with the country which has been part of the same empire. Many of our ancestors have lived and died in Istanbul.

Along with other Muslims, especially those in the Balkans, I have a special feeling for Türkiye. My grand grandfather and many other relatives of mine have been buried in Istanbul – our beloved capital. Even today, millions of people of Albanian origin live in Türkiye. So, there is no doubt that there is a special connection with our Turkish brothers.

While I’ve noticed online that many Muslims are expressing their opinion about the upcoming national elections there, I personally don’t care much about such details. In the end, political election is a political mechanism imposed by the British Empire in order to control and deceive people, so being involved actively in this political game, or even expressing opinions about this or that candidate or the outcome, it is no less than the validation of the British occupation. So, I wouldn’t fall into that trap by giving my opinion about something which has been imposed by the occupier, as I see many Muslims are doing. If Türkiye were a fully independent country and it were holding a referendum, the situation would have been different – it would have not been wrong to express support or giving opinions.

However, I want to still raise some questions, not about the next weekend’s general elections, but about the role of the Turkish Government and President Erdoğan.

As the President of a major Muslim country and the capital of the former Ottoman Empire, Muslims need to know what is Erdoğan’s plan with regard to the US military bases in Türkiye. Things might be complicated due to the British occupation of WWI, but after a century, the Turkish people should not tolerate military bases of the enemy and CIA training centers in their land. This is absolutely preposterous. The army and the agents of the enemy have bases in the land of the former caliphate. This is a shame for all of us.

At the same time, I feel furious about the fact that Türkiye continues to be a member of NATO – this evil military alliance which has one objective: to attack and kill Muslims and destroy their lands. This is another stain of the Turkish Government.

Lastly, Mustafa Kamal’s name and picture – this British agent and traitor, should be removed from any public or official place: offices, airport etc. He should be declared as the historical enemy of the caliphate and a traitor of the Turkish people. If possible, his remains should be transferred to Westminster, London, where he belongs to. He does not belong to Istanbul.

Sabri Lushi

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