by Sabri Lushi

On March 3, 1924, exactly 99 years ago, the last Muslim caliph was deposed. The Muslim caliphate came to an end at the hands of the British Empire. Although the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was an appointed prophet of God, he founded a civilization not merely based on miracles, but through his personal sacrifice and paramount hard work and the sacrifice of his companions, who simply sought from people to worship Allah alone and spread the divine justice on Earth. The monotheistic religion of Islam prevailed over all other religions while its justice and appreciation of knowledge became the hallmark of the Islamic civilization.

In 1924, Muslims failed. Something must have gone wrong fundamentally. To this very day, almost two billion Muslims continued to live under the British occupation. Definitely, there is something fundamentally wrong. Even though the whole Europe, including Russian Empire, was united under the British Empire against Muslims, they could have not managed to take over our political power without our flaws, flaws that we continue to see in the faces of Muslims each and every day.

Out of his extreme love for us, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has even told us fourteen hundred years ago about the disease of Muslims in the end of times. He has informed us that nations will gather against us like those who invite each other on a feast. He told us that Muslims will be many, but they will be scum like such flowing down a torrent. Allah will remove our esteem from the chests of our enemies and Allah will insert feebleness in our hearts, and feebleness was explained by him to be “Love for the worldly life and hatred of death.”

Today Muslims are occupied by the British barbarians. Our lands are ruled by their appointed viceroys. Our resources are stolen by the western thieves. The nations – the USA, the UK, Russia, China, India, Brazil, Australia, Europe, etc., have invited one another on the feast – stealing our oil and our natural resources. What a precise prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)!

Our enemies have no respect for us because we don’t respect ourselves. Most Muslims – almost all of them – have a price. The British secularist governments can purchase their dignity, their religion, their trustworthiness with money because they love money and are afraid of death. They are afraid to resist, to speak the truth and practice their religion because they are afraid of the political consequences while death is unavoidable anyway.

The British barbarians will continue to rule us as long as we humiliate ourselves, as long as we sell our religion for a few pennies of the British pagans, as long as we continue to humiliate ourselves as spies and agents and liars and hypocrites. We see each and every day how Muslims have a price, cheaper than even pagans and atheists. We kill each other. We value our enemy more than one another and we imprison scholars.

Sabri Lushi

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