by Sabri Lushi

As Muslims, it is part of our belief to be concerned of one another’s problems. When a Muslim – any Muslim – is afflicted by pain or is suffering due to natural catastrophes or who is experiencing political oppression, the whole Ummah of Islam should show solidarity with their brother or sister in faith. That’s simply part of our religion. There’s no doubt about that. However, the way we react, our strategy of solidarity, the way we address our collective problems and issues, and what our priorities are is also part of our religious wisdom. Muslims are not supposed to be people of emotions, but men and women of cold logic and wisdom.

Palestine matters to us, but there are many other things that matter to us as well. The Palestinian conflict is propagated so much by Muslims and our enemies alike, in a way that does not reflect wisdom. The Palestinian problem cannot be solved without understanding it first. We cannot react and should not react whenever our enemies want us to do so, as if we have no wisdom, as if we are members of a herd, not the followers of the divine religion of Islam.

We – Muslims – should deal with the Palestinian issue with wisdom and reason, not propaganda and emotions. Indeed, wisdom is what we need the most, as Allah says in the Quran, “Allah grants wisdom to whoever He wills. And whoever is granted wisdom is certainly blessed with a great privilege. But none will be mindful of this except people of reason.” [2:269]. Islam is not the religion of herds, but of people who show wisdom and use their brains.

The very fair questions are: what is the reason behind that conflict? Does Palestine have oil? Is it a land of enormous natural resources that the British Empire couldn’t opt out? What is special about it? Did it have many scholars? Did really the British Empire need a land for Jews? Or, are there other reasons that actually have nothing to do with Palestine and Jerusalem themselves? I believe these are legitimate and fair questions to ask.

To give clear answers to these questions is not easy because there’s so much propaganda and misleading information about that conflict. Apparently, the reasons given by the British Empire for keeping the Palestinian conflict ON are not convincing.

The world is governed by one global government and countries are British political administrative units, so Jews do not need a state. Apart from being a sacred land for Muslims, Jerusalem does not seem to be rich in oil. In addition, all Muslim lands are under the British occupation, so Palestine does not make an exception.

We are under full occupation of the British Secularism, and the control of the British appointed governments in Muslim lands is beyond imagination. Our resources are stolen. Our policies and agendas are set by the British Monarchy. Playing the role as if it is only Palestine occupied by the British Empire is misleading and wrong.

Sabri Lushi

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