by Sabri Lushi

The existence of an ideology is directly dependent on the existence of its community. Without a community, ideas and ideologies vanish and cease to exist. For this reason, a central part of the religion of Islam, for example, is focused on how to build its community, how to maintain it, and how to expand it. This is an existential need of any religion or political ideology, including Secularism.

On the other hand, community formation and its maintenance have requirements. Communities are based on ideas, but that’s not sufficient. The more the members of a community are related to each other, the more they are dependant on each other, the more they are free to help each other, the more access to natural resources and money they have, the more political freedom they have to look after their community’s internal affairs independently of the government, the stronger the community is.

Communities are based on ideas. It’s an idea which brings people together, but that’s not enough. In the end, people are in need of food, shelter, clothes, and everything related to their personal and family needs. If a community remains just an idea, but it doesn’t solve any of the above needs, it’s not functional.

In a nutshell, community formation is a process that brings people together based on an idea, but if that idea isn’t transformed into political and economic power, the community is meaningless.

Let’s take family, for example. It’s a natural community and the strongest one. It’s based on the ties of kinship. Family existence is based on strong interrelated needs of its members. If family members cannot solve the needs of each other, it ceases to exist as a community. It’s only the psychological and spiritual aspect that make its members related to each other. The same goes for a religious community. If its members are void of power, void of financial means and impossible to cooperate financially and politically, that community will cease to exist, as it is powerless.

This is exactly where the British Empire has been heavily investing. As we can easily notice on all the British Secularist governments around the world, with all their colors and “isms,” such as socialism, communism, democracy, fascism, Nazism, nationalism, terrorism etc., community formation is the monopoly of the state. Not only religious communities, but even family has been stripped off natural power. All too smartly, the British Empire has attacked the most important aspect of human society: community formation.

The British Secularist governments have no problem with religion, family, and ideas as long as they will not be transformed into community formation. Because of our collective heedlessness, today we are confronted by tyrannical Secularist governments, that are extremely powerful and hold tyrannical control.

The tyranny of the British Secularism has reached an unimaginable level as it controls our resources.

Nderim Lushi

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