by Sabri Lushi

Because Muslims who live in the West are confronted more directly with the British Secularism, the corrupt anti human rights and anti family agendas, with the western propaganda and their corrupt laws, they are more aware of the true political challenge that the global Muslim community is undergoing. Muslims in the West understand that our Ummah is under full occupation, that all so-called Muslim dictators are in reality western spies and agents put in power by the British Empire.

In this regard, Muslims who live in the traditional Muslim lands, which are ruled by the western spies and agents, pose another challenge for the Ummah. We hear Muslims in the Middle East who quite often are very confusing and misleading. They never refer to the British Occupation. They never admit in their speeches that Muslims are under full western occupation. They never admit that Muslims don’t have an independent country.

Unfortunately for Muslims, the British Empire and the British Monarchy are in a very comfortable position. Definitely, it is in their best interest to make Muslims believe that they are not under occupation, that the religion is not important for their identity, that national identity is more important to bring people together. By not articulating the fact that Muslims are occupied, they will not have a reason to create a general cohesion among all the members of the Ummah. This way, Muslims will remain divided, exactly as the British Empire wants them.

So, I am not surprised at all by this agenda of the British Empire to make Muslims believe that they are not occupied, that they have their own leaders, that the relations between Muslim countries and the USA, the UK, China, Russia and the rest of the world is a relationship based on alliances.

It is essential for the British Monarchy to consider the occupation as ‘alliance,’ so Muslims will not get together. They will remain asleep.

What surprises me, however, is Muslims themselves, especially those in the Middle East, who fail to articulate the British occupation. Such Muslims will be the biggest obstacle to the unification of our Ummah. I’ve never heard any Arab or Turkish leader, activist or intellectual talking about the British occupation.

I truly believe that there will be no unification of the Muslim Ummah until we expose spies and agents among us, until we change the public discourse, until we start to call things for what they are – occupation is occupation, not alliance, until we expose Secularism, republic, democracy, communism, nationalism, political parties, and everything related to them as British mechanisms of occupation.

Next time when you see a Secularist, you’re seeing a British agent, so don’t expect spies and agents to have a special outfit or a badge.

The British Secularism, with all its manifestations, is the biggest enemy of Muslims and the most blatant form of the British occupation.

Sabri Lushi

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