by Sabri Lushi

The modern Secularist governments around the world, which represent the power of the British Empire and the British Monarchy, operate on secrecy, espionage and informality. The objective of such governments is clear: the control of every single citizen, willingly or unwillingly.

Modern governments don’t expose their purpose that they want to control people. Quite the contrary, they promise freedom, prosperity, liberty, equality, peace, justice, brotherhood, lack of discrimination, and of course, good paying jobs. In reality, the true goal of the British Secularist governments is to control people; everything revolves around control and whatever it takes to achieve it. However, this should not be revealed as a main objective, but as a means to achieve something else.

The best way to achieve the total control of the population while maintaining a good image is by having informal access to every single citizen through means of employment, favors, education, utilization of friendship relations among citizens, social and professional organizations, and political parties.

Yet, by recruiting people as spies of the state supposedly in order to serve a high purpose, such as to protect the nation, is the most guaranteed informal access that a government could have to its citizens. A citizen who becomes a spy and who accepts favors from the state, they’ve lost the status of being free citizens. They cannot raise their voice any more. They cannot express themselves. They cannot act independently. This is exactly what the regime wants.

We have to keep in mind that being a spy of the government is not inherently a good and honorable job. Its very nature requires one to give up on many moral aspects. In the end, nothing should stop a spy from doing his or her job. A spy cannot refuse to do something due to moral standards. Ironically, this is the main purpose of recruiting citizens as spies: to strip them off moral values, so they can be controlled easier by the government.

For this reason, governments always need some major justifications in order to convince people to become spies. The most typical one is the foreign enemy. Cold War, for example, was used by all governments to recruit their own citizens as spies.

With regard to Muslims, the war on terror has been used as the biggest reason to convince them to work as spies. In my view, the Secularist governments have used the war on terror only to force Muslims to become spies supposedly to fight a bigger enemy. The Islamic terrorism has been completely manufactured by the West and the CIA as a means of recruiting Muslims as spies not to fight terrorists, but simply to control them.

The tyranny of the British Secularism has reached a frightening level. The control of the governments is terrifying. Muslims have the obligation more than others to serve as a model on the war against this tyranny. The British Secularism has failed us.

Sabri Lushi

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