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The enemy of Muslims today is the British Secularism

by Sabri Lushi

There will be no Islamic political revival unless Muslims become fully aware of their enemies, who are well integrated with them and have become part of them.

The enemy of Muslims today is the British Secularism, which appears as a neutral political ideology, but it is undoubtedly against Islam and its teachings. The British Secularism is all about the exploitation and enslavement of humanity; therefore, it considers Islam as a big obstacle to the achievement of its objectives.

There is no doubt that the British Secularism, with all its political movements such as nationalism, democracy, socialism, communism etc., should be exposed and opposed by all means.

Nationalism is a British ideology of occupation, so whoever subscribes to this ideology should be considered a British agent and an enemy of his or her people. In addition, all the political mechanisms, such as political parties and the concept of republic, the legal system and laws imported from the British Empire should be considered as forms of the British occupation. Muslims should hold the British Secularist laws in contempt. We should be fully aware of the corruption that the British laws breed.

The battle against the British Secularism is not a battle of weapons and physical confrontation, but a battle of ideas and intellectual awareness. Politically and militarily, we are defeated and under full control of the British Secularism. Our governments are controlled by the British Empire and the British Monarchy. However, we have to use our pens as a major means to raise awareness of the British occupation and expose its agendas.

The British Secularism is dangerous. It is an ultra pragmatist political ideology that hold so much power and control. It controls the global financial system, the economy, the legal system, the military, the intelligence service, universities and the academia, and all the politicians around the world.

Muslims must get united against this dangerous ideology. We need to expose first the enemies within ourselves, our communities and tribes. Whoever supports nationalism and the British Secularism should be targeted as a British agent and as a hindrance to the unity of the Muslim Ummah. Nationalism is a disease and a cancer in the body of the Ummah.

Sabri Lushi

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