by Sabri Lushi

Without trying to spread unnecessary fear, I believe that Muslims need to know the political reality in the countries where they live in order to protect themselves and their families. My intention is to raise awareness, to be more vigilant and more cautious, but not to spread fear and chaos.

Muslims should know that in the West it is not the case where governments arrest people arbitrarily on the street, nor do we encounter secret police knocking on the door in the middle of the night and arresting people for ideological or religious reasons. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the western governments do not have agendas against Muslims; this does not mean that Muslims are treated justly and fairly by the western governments; this does not mean that the safety of every single Muslim is guaranteed in the West. In some aspects, the western governments are as dangerous to Muslims as any dictatorship in the world regardless of the political methodology they use.

In order to conform with the image and the claimed political reputation, the western governments have developed a more discreet and careful way of attacking Muslims. Everything is done in a way to look legally perfect. For this reason, the western governments have established a very well organized system in order to target Muslims, especially men – those who practice the religion of Islam more consistently than others. This governmental operation, which is specialized on dealing with Muslims, consists of a very sophisticated network of Muslim spies and agents within our communities. There are Muslim spies and agents, who are paid and who receive favors from the government, whose very job is to plot against the Muslims who are the target. There could be Muslim spies in the mosque, at work, in universities, and in every social gathering. A spy could be a friend, an imam, a teacher, a spouse, a parent, a relative or an advisor.

The governmental operation against Muslims involves passing of laws specifically for this reason, training of judges and lawyers, and a change of legal procedures in order to facilitate the whole process against Muslims. For example, when the government plans to target a Muslim, they’ve already passed laws directly for this reason and trained judges directly for the situation. So, there is a very well organized operation against Muslims, which is hard to be noticed. Everything is planned to look random, as if the government is not involved in this.

My warning is: beware and be aware of Muslim spies; don’t trust people easily. Never trust judges, lawyers and people who work for the government. The government is not there to help you as a Muslim, but to fight against you. Do not underestimate any conflict with any Muslim. While it looks to you very ordinary, you might actually be dealing with something organized by the government itself.

As a Muslim, know that there is a political agenda against you!

Sabri Lushi

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