by Sabri Lushi

There are many things that the British Monarchy will never be forgiven by history, such as murdering children and women, the horrific enslavement of Africans – which was no more than theft and robbery of human bodies, the spread of atheism, the destruction of family and the fabric of society, the spread of treason and immorality around the world, but there is one thing whose evil surpasses the evil of all the above, that is, the formation of the Clown Republic of the USA – the mother of all corruption.

The USA is the most corrupt country in the world; it has a corrupt political system; it has the most immoral and irresponsible military in human history; it has a corrupt judicial system with the most corrupt and irresponsible judges that we can imagine; it has a corrupt and speculative economic system; its society is broken apart and on the verge of degradation and full decadence; the American society is on identity crisis whose youth is going through what none before has ever imagined, such as body and gender experimentation.

America is corrupt. America is the country of propaganda and lies, deception and heartlessness. America is the country of Hollywood and the intrusive media. America is the country of banality and brainwashing.

America is the Frankenstein that is killing us all. America is the epitome of materialism and the extremist individualism to the extent the individuals have no real power any more.

America is a murdering machine and a demolishing monster. It’s not only the American people who pay the price of the US Government – this monster of the British Empire, but the whole world.

America supports terrorists, criminals, corrupt politicians, dictators, ignorant people, shameful leaders, atheists and pagans, heathens and soothsayers, liars and impostors, and immorality and only immorality.

America kills. America destroys. America murders. America steals. America exploits. America oppresses. America lies. America deceives. America kills the nations during the night and expresses condolences during the day.

In short, the US Clown Republic is the mother of all corruption. It is the biggest crime of the British Empire and the British Monarchy that history will never forgive.

Sabri Lushi

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