by Sabri Lushi

This is a legitimate question that the vast majority of the Albanian citizens have the right to raise. After all, it is our country and in it lies our future, so understanding what’s the reason behind the Albanian politics is a fair concern. Actually, I would argue that citizens of most of the countries of the world are grappling with the same issue. I would even go further, that countries such as Canada make no exception.

If we go back in history, Albanian people were part of the Ottoman Empire up until the beginning of the 20th century. Not only were they one of the most important people of the empire due to their geographical position – at the frontiers with Europe, but many Albanians served in it as grand viziers, war generals, and ministers. Muhammad Ali Pasha – the founder of the dynasty which ruled Egypt for 150 years, is just an example of those Albanians who served their own empire with loyalty. After all, it was Muhammad Ali – the warrior, who defeated the British Army in Egypt at the beginning of the 19th century.

In 1912, the territory which makes up the modern republic of Albania was occupied by the British Empire while many other regions were annexed by the two new puppet principalities of the British Monarchy, namely, the Principality of Greece and the Principality of Serbia – both were ruled by relatives of the British Monarchy.

Right after the occupation, the British Empire undertook two important steps. First, it consolidated a ruling elite, which consisted of British spies and agents, who were about to rule ever since, and second, the Evil Empire started a two-decade war against the Albanian old elite and the Muslim clergy. As a result, many people were murdered and many others were forced into exile, including ancestors of mine, for instance.

So, the British-founded republic of Albania has been ruled by one group regardless of political changes and regime rotations. The same old corrupt people, that were put in power a hundred years ago, continue to rule the country today as if it is a private property of theirs.

The Albanian Government does not represent us. It is appointed by the British Monarchy and it represents the British power, everything else is theater and propaganda, including elections, political parties and power rotation.

In Albania, if you don’t become a spy of the system, if you don’t bow down to the system and humiliate yourself, if you’re not ready to kill people in the name of the government, if you seek to live a life of dignity – obeying the law and civic morality, it is near impossible to survive because our country is ruled by an exclusive clique, which is appointed by the British Monarchy, not by the people. That’s why our government is corrupt because it is not ours.

But, this situation is almost everywhere because everywhere the corrupt British Monarchy rules. I see the same situation in Canada for that matter.

Sabri Lushi

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