by Sabri Lushi

Perhaps Secularism had something to offer to the world over the last two centuries, especially in Europe where the Christian civilization had reached a dead end, where decadence and corruption had crippled the European societies.

Perhaps Secularism played a key role in saving Europe from the dark ages. Muslim scholars often underline the fact that Europeans advanced when they abandoned their religion, which was altered and turned into a hindrance for the society, while Muslims fell behind when they abandoned their religion. In this regard, replacing the paganized Christianity of Europe with Secularism yielded some good results, especially in education, science, hygiene etc.

Nevertheless, Secularism was no more than a political model of the British Empire, a system which was designed by a group of people in order to rule over others. It was not a universally accepted system intended to serve humanity. It had very specific political objectives: to spread the British political power, replace the traditional religions with newly British laws in order to rule people, as well as seize the control of all financial and economic means such as natural resources, businesses, jobs, the financial market, land and manufacturing of goods.

Secularism is a Machiavellist system. It has never offered real and sustainable solutions to humanity. It is a political system that serves the British Empire and its political power. So far, we have seen what it can offered to humanity and what its pros and cons are.

In my view, Secularism has nothing to offer any more to humanity. It’s become a serious political liability to the world. In the economic aspect, it has led the world to an economic totalitarian system, where the state controls virtually everything. There is no economic freedom, no real competition, no transparent economic plans and no transparent map of natural resources.

Politically speaking, the Secularist model for the world has failed. Nation-states created by the British Empire are being exposed as administrative units formed in order to control people, not to give citizens rights and dignity.

In addition, Secularism has resorted to the worst possible strategies in order to cling to power, such as promoting the most corrupt people in society, giving power to those who are not fit, spreading moral corruption, inciting conflicts and sponsoring terrorist organizations in order to cause political chaos in the world.

Secularism has indeed become a liability to humanity. It has been exposed as a big fraud and it is no more than a British political strategy for ruling the world.

Secularism has failed socially, politically, economically, and even in terms of science and education. Secularism should be considered as a disease that people should be aware of.

There is no doubt that we deserve a better and fairer political system, a system which is transparent and serves us, not a small group of people.

Sabri Lushi

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