by Sabri Lushi

One of the biggest challenges of the Muslim Ummah after the fall of the caliphate is about how to deal with the Secularist governments, which have been formed by the British Empire and they represent directly the British Secularism.

Although the British Secularism – socialism, communism, Marxism, democracy, liberalism and nationalism, claims to provide a political system for all, neutral and void of dogma, the reality is no near close to what is said. The British Secularism is a very extremist ideology, expansionist, non tolerant and non transparent, invasive and intrusive, and it is very envious and emulous.

So, the British Secularism is not an indifferent system, which believes in multi culturalism and freedom. On the contrary, it is characterized by the desire of controlling everything, clinging to the power at any cost, and it has an extreme phobia about other ideologies and opposition voices, especially about Islam.

For this reason, there will always be a tension, probably which exists more under the surface, between Muslims and the British Secularism and its around-the-world governments. Apparently, Muslims are promised that they can live freely under the British Secularism; they can practice their religion, raise their families and, more importantly, Islam is allowed to be passed down to other generations.

This British promise couldn’t fail more blatantly. Muslims couldn’t be betrayed more. Soon after the British Empire brought down the Ottoman Empire and took control of the Muslim world, it ignited two world wars primarily to attack Muslims, especially the first one. Then, the British Empire installed communist governments and despotic regimes in Muslim countries which oppressed, killed and discriminated Muslims even though the Empire denies that such criminals have killed Muslims on its behalf. That’s why the British Empire uses different identities and multiple masks in order to avoid political retribution.

Nowadays, in order to appease Muslims, the modern Secularist governments, especially in the West, are using a different strategy, that is, promoting certain Muslims in politics, in the sector of business, education, in community leadership and in the positions of influence.

On one hand, this is supposed to be considered as a great achievement of the British Secularism, which is seemingly being fair and allowing Muslims live freely under the British Rule.

Out of a genuine concern about these types of political games, we have the right to raise questions:

Are the British Secularist governments promoting a certain strand of Muslims – those who have already been secularized and brainwashed?

Are the British Secularist governments promoting ignorant Muslims, those who have no knowledge of Islam, and those who are easily controlled?

Are the British Secularist governments promoting only immoral and hypocrite Muslims, those who adhere to Islam superficially?

Sabri Lushi

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