by Sabri Lushi

Unfortunately, there are people like President Trump, who are masters of propaganda, who feed into division and fear, and who say that Islam hates America. While Trump did not start a new war against Muslims – something we appreciate, the USA will be written down in history as the enemy of Islam and Muslims.

Islam is the religion of justice and fairness. Islam is not at war with anyone. It has a clear message: to liberate people from the oppression of paganism and the exploitation of humans by one another, and lead them to the worship of God alone. It is a very liberating and beautiful message.

I challenge President Trump if he can find one single case when Islam has harmed America. Has Islam destroyed the American families? Has it contaminated the American society? Has Islam exploited the weakness of the American people? Has Islam ordered the American people to commit mass shootings? Has it deceived the American people to get bank loans and enslave themselves? Has Islam interfered in the American politics? Is Islam responsible for the American crisis? Is Islam stealing the American natural resources?

On the contrary, Islam is the solution. Trump knows very well what this religion is about.

If we were to ask the same questions about America, the answers are more than embarrassing.

In truth, the USA hates Islam and Muslims. The British Empire and the US military have caused deaths and destruction to Muslims more than any other political power, probably more than the Great Mongol Empire. The US Government has been involved in heinous war crimes, killing women and children and non combatant people. The US military has demonstrated that it has no morality and no chivalry. The US Government has been stealing the natural resources of Muslim lands for decades, especially oil. We all remember what the US army did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and what is actually doing in Yemen.

Yet, Trump has the audacity to say that Islam hates the USA. Islam is a divine religion, so it does not stoop to irrational hatred and war crimes. Islam is not particularly the religion of peace, but it is the religion of mercy, justice and fairness, and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been sent by God as a mercy for all.

Ironically, had it not been for Islam and the civilization that Muslims brought to Europe and the scientific development and the knowledge revolution that the Islamic civilization gave rise to, the USA would have not seen the light of this development. The ancestors of Trump would have remained in Europe grappling with the dark ages, but thanks to Islam, Trump enjoys today many things.

Islam does not hate America, but it is the other way around. I personally value the courage of Trump for accusing Obama publicly as the founder of ISIS, which is true. Trump should continue to clean his backyard, and why not, call for the arrest of war criminals, such as Bush.

Sabri Lushi

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