by Sabri Lushi

People nowadays have become very superficial and gullible. What accounts for this could be the mass media and educational system. The information that we are exposed to and what we learn is highly controlled and centralized while the role of parents and traditional sages and scholars has been practically eclipsed, dismissed, and suppressed.

On the other hand, those who hold the power are not in the least negligent and heedless. Quite the contrary, governments have extremely much power due to unlimited resources and the modern technology. For this reason, it is not a surprised at all to be confronted by this uniformity and intellectual bubble.

In this regard, one of the most difficult topics that it is hard to convey properly and succinctly to people is the reality of occupation. The fact that the world is run by one single government, the fact that some countries have no political restriction, such as the USA, while other countries, especially the Muslim ones, are subordinate, the fact that the global trade and the exploitation of the natural resources are a global monopoly, the fact that the UN international laws prevail over national and regional laws, the fact that the British Empire has never been abolished officially and it was not defeated by another power, all of these are the elephant in the room, yet people fail to understand the global British occupation which was official and obvious up until the mid 20th century.

Occupation is not a flag or a symbol, nor is it ceremonial. Occupation does not necessarily mean that the British soldiers have to patrol the streets of our towns and villages. Occupation is not a means but an end. Occupation is all about exploiting others and having the right to use natural resources. This could be achieved through military force, through wars, propaganda, educational system, through lies and deception or media. So, we confused the classical occupation, when soldiers had to demonstrate their presence, as it was suitable for the time and age, with modern occupation when people work for the enemy and within the system of the occupier without realizing it.

In my view, one of the many strategies that the British Empire has used to control the world and maintain the exploitation of nations is the control of and the monopoly on agriculture and food supply. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that no country is self sufficient and sustainable when it comes to food supply, especially Muslim countries, which aspire more to independence.

The Government of Albania, for example, has taken all the measures over the last three decades to prevent food production and suppress agriculture, not because of some economic logic – that it can be imported cheaper from Serbia or Greece, but it is a policy to render the Albanian people subordinate and evidently dependent on other countries. This is exactly the strategy of the British occupier for controlling nations.

Sabri Lushi

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